!!The Disney film
* From the first few minutes, after John rescues a crewmember on the maiden voyage to America:
-->'''Crewmen #1:''' Well ''done'', laddie! Well ''done!''\\
'''John:''' [''swinging down from the mast inbetween the two crewmen''] But of course. You'd have done the same thing for me.\\
'''Crewmen #1, 2, and 3:''' [''beat, then awkwardly''] Oh, ''sure!'' Of ''course!'' Absolutely!
* This little exchange:
-->'''Ratcliffe:''' We shall give them a proper English greeting.\\
'''Wiggins:''' [[ComicallyMissingThePoint OOH! Gift baskets!]]
** "[[IronicEcho And he came so highly recommended.]]"
*** An alternate scene has Wiggins saying, "Ooh! I do so love a fracas!" He mimics shooting a gun with a soup ladle, until he trips and an axe barely misses him, before Ratcliffe says the above line.
* John Smith's first meeting with Grandmother Willow.
-->'''John:''' Pocahontas, that tree is talking to me.\\
'''Pocahontas:''' [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Then you should talk back.]] Say something.\\
'''John:''' What do you say to a ''tree''?
* Most of Wiggins and Ratcliffe's dialogues, but this one in particular:
-->'''Ratcliffe:''' Wiggins, ''why'' do you think those insolent heathens attacked us?\\
'''Wiggins:''' [[CaptainObvious Because we invaded their land and cut down their trees and dug up their earth?]]
* Nakoma's reaction to Pocahontas jumping off a cliff. And when Pocahontas hits the water she grumpily says "show off".
-->'''Nakoma:''' Pocahontas, your father's back! Come down here! [''as Pocahontas dives off the top of the cliff''] No.. not that.. way.\\
[''Pocahontas surfaces from underwater and overturns Nakoma's canoe'']
* Meeko when he jumps down the cliff after Pocahontas. He goes from confident to REALLY scared in a second and it's hilarious.
* Meeko's expressions while Pocahontas is singing "Just Around the Riverbend", especially when she goes down the waterfall.
* [[AudienceSurrogate Meeko and Flit's]] [[JawDrop reaction]] to Pocahontas suddenly managing to learn English.
* Grandmother Willow's scene with John Smith.
-->'''Grandmother Willow:''' (''on John Smith'') He has a good soul. And he's handsome, too.\\
'''John:''' I like her.
* This line:
-->'''Nakoma:''' [[GrowingUpSucks Don't you think we're a -splut- little old for this?]]
* This dialogue.
-->'''Lon:''' Come on, Ben, it's just a little fun.\\
'''Ben:''' [[SarcasmMode Oh, sure, we're having loads of fun.]] Right, look at us-no gold, no food, while Ratcliffe sits up in his tent all day happy as a clam.\\
[''[[DescriptionCut Cut to Ratcliffe]]'']\\
'''Ratcliffe:''' I'm doomed!
* And this dialogue between Ratcliffe, Ben, and Lon.
-->'''Ratcliffe:''' You there, where's Captain Smith?\\
'''Lon:''' Well, he's...gone.\\
'''Ben:''' Aye, your singing must've scared him off.\\
'''Ratcliffe:''' Well, then go get him, for heaven's sake!\\
'''Lon:''' What if we run into the Indians?\\
'''Ratcliffe:''' That's what ''[[SarcasmMode guns]]'' are for! Now, arm yourselves and get moving!
* This bit:
-->'''Grandmother Willow:''' [[{{Pun}} My bark is worse than my bite.]]\\
(''cue [[AnimalReactionShot two owls exchanging snarky glances]]'')
* When John Smith is trying to show Pocahontas what a handshake is. He has his hand held out and the expression on her face as she says "Nothing's happening".

!!The Disney sequel
* Pocahontas is freaking out about her trip to England to Grandmother Willow, spouting all sorts of "what if" questions. Grandmother Willow then says "What if the sky turns to fire and your nose falls off?" - cue Meeko protectively grabbing onto his own nose.
* Nearly the entire "What A Day In London" number. Pocahontas is causing a big disturbance in London while John Rolfe is exasperatedly saying "Pocahontas, wait!" - trying to keep up with her.
* Pocahontas is getting dressed for the ball but walks into John Rolfe's room saying "how do I look?" - only wearing her undergarments.
* A likely unintentional example, but in the DTV sequel, the animators must've just went all out animating Ratcliffe's mouth because he gives the hugest, weirdest, and just downright hilarious grins in the movie!