Funny / Plume

  • When Corrick first drags Vesper out of the water. First he gives her bedroom eyes, then suddenly smacks her on the head for being dumb enough to walk out on thin ice. It actually gives a very accurate impression of his character.
  • Tegan's relentless flirting with Corrick.
  • Vesper's unladylike language. Especially the tandem "Vesper, watch your mouth." that Magnus and Corrick give her when she shrieks "Whee! Screw this place!"
  • Doing voodoo.
  • Corrick's treatment of Dom brings to mind an exasperated parent trying to rein in an unruly child, and it's endlessly amusing. One might question who's in charge there, really.
  • On a more meta note, the exchange of comments under one of the pages on the above. What really sells it is author's answer.
    cmccrzy: I want to see Corrick collecting like bugs and roots and saying HERE EAT THIS and Dom is like WTF and Corrick is like YOU CAN SURVIVE WITHOUT MONEY and then like Corrick making a fire when they're kicked out of their inn and accidentally like setting Dom's jacket on fire and Dom is like OMG and Corrick is like oOOPS SORRY BUT YOU'RE NOT INJURED :D And like Dom still gets cold and wakes up one morning to find himself half-buried in dirt and he's like WTH and Corrick is smirking and like DIDN'T WANT YOU TO FREEZE TO DEATH :D Dom, he hated his brother more than you I'm PRETTY sure Corrick knows EVERY way to get around his contract.
    K Lynn Smith: Ha! I think a rewrite is in order...