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Funny: Planescape: Torment
  • Morte and hookers. And female zombies. And Annah. Well, just... Morte.
    Morte: "Women are the reason I became a monk. And, uh, the reason I switched back."
  • The entire scene where Morte first equips Ingress' Teeth. You have to see it to believe it.note 
  • Let's just say everything Morte says. Nordom too.
  • Vrischika describing the Sword of Wh'ynn:note 
    Vrischika: It's also known as the Cheater's Blade. Merely holding it aloft will win you the game.
    Nameless One: Win me the... what do you mean?
    Vrischika: [Narrowing her eyes] Oh come now, you know exactly what I mean. Buy the Cheater's Blade, you beat the game. It's that simple...
  • The Brothel Of Slaking Intellectual Lusts, which is a brothel where there is no sex, just discussions and playing games.
    • Louis, the armoire in said brothel. Who is most certainly not there for any prurient reasons, no sirree.
  • Just before going to the Very Definitely Final Dungeon, you have to write a regret on a piece of your skin. You can regret that your friends have come to suffer, or regret that there WASN'T enough suffering, you can regret that you have no regrets to write on the skin... or alternatively, you can go for something else - I regret that I wandered all over the Planes when the damn portal was right here when I FIRST woke up.
  • Morte's line if you try to give him a weapon.
  • The Nameless One playing with the Modron Cube like a little kid.
    Nameless One: Move the arms and make sword-fighting noises.
    The toy *clicks* and *whirrs* as your move its clockwork joints. Within moments, the tiny cube has vanquished every imaginary opponent you have sent against it, and settled back to its normal position.
    Nameless One: Wave its arms and make cheering noises.
    Hordes of imaginary creatures from across the Planes cheer the cube's victory. You can almost see a tiny oily tear brimming on one of its eyes... it is a hero, the greatest cube to ever roam the Planes and everyone loves it. In your mind, Fall-From-Grace and Annah hug it and shower it with kisses.
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