Funny / Pizza

  • In Beach Pizza, after Habib said to his cousins "Own the bitch" and the lifesavers thought he said he wants to own the beach, Les (one of the lifesavers) gives a speech.
    Lifesaver Les: So you're looking for a fuckin blue are ya? Hey? Well fuckin come on, COME ON!
    Rocky: What'd you start us for, mate. Chillax.
    Lifesaver Les: I'll fuckin biff ya, mate!
    Habib: What did I do?
    Habib: Rocky look, what's he saying? His Aussie Accent is like hard to understand.
    Lifesaver Les: You, you and you and you, FUCK OFF!!!}}
    Rocky: "I think he said, 'Who wants to start a WAR!!!!'
    • and then there's a riot, until Pauly bashed Alan Ford Jones and gone on air. Then everyone starts running to the camera crew.

  • Anything involving a mentally disabled nut named Leonard.
    • In his first appearance in 'Crazy Pizza' he was trying to attack Pauly at the club, who told the story about how he was attacked by the nut every time he delivers to his house.
    • The moaning of Leonard and his mother about the dead father.
    Nuts Mum: What did you do? He's horrible! He's horrible, you stupid, stupid man (sobs)
    • As Pauly drove to the graveyard, Leonard plays with the radio settings and then starts to scream after Pauly tells him to stop it.
    Pauly: You Nut!
    (Leonard continues screaming)

    Pauly: Just get the body outta here, hide it. Not that way you idiot! Go!

    • In the Season 3 premiere.
      • "Why did you smack me for, Bobo?"
      • "What do you want me to do now Mr. (rasberry) Boss man!" (laughs; Bobo slaps Leonard, screaming)
      • A dodging car ride, when Pauly bumps into Lenoard. He then did a burnout which causes Leonard to get out of the dodging car and got hit by one. and that's how he ended up on a wheelchair.
      • "Bobo, I poo poo in my pants!"
      • "I need to go pee pee! Open the pee pee! Open! (Davo slaps him with a thong)

    • Any time he screams.

  • In Refugee Pizza, when Pauly has encountered the Koala guy, Leonard the Nut, the RTA nut and the guy from the cinemas who all try to beat up Pauly in the hilarious way.
    • Later on, when the Parking Officer notices Pauly has blue balls. and the way he laughs.
    Parking Officer: Blue Balls! You haven't even gotten her pants! You must be a real dickhead! (laughs)
    Pauly: Stop laughing mate!

  • "Today's me FUCKIN Birthday! I don't need this SHIT!!"

  • Whenever Junior gets freaked out on Crocodile Island.

  • In Doctor Pizza, DJBJ told the golfing doctors to wait longer and he was being chased by them, until they took the pizza away from him. DJBJ reminded them about his doodle.
    DJBJ: What about my doodle! the fucking doodle! (scream)

  • In Freaky Pizza, Ronnie Mc Doggle ordered the small hawaiian pizza, but Bobo told the customer he doesn't make small pizza's only medium or large. then the kids splashed the drink all over Ronnie, who angrily tell them off.
    • Then later:
    Bobo Gigliotti: Fat Pizza Pizzas, they're big and they're cheesey."
    Ronnie Mc Doggle: Yeah it's Ronnie Mc Doggle here mate. Where's my Small Hawaiian? I've been waiting for over, over an hour! WHERE IS IT!!
    • When Pauly delivered the pizza, the clown argue the pizza was cold.

  • The teacher who taught Pauly the word "Stooge!"
    Stooge Teacher: Stooge!