Funny / Pineapple Express

  • Dale and Saul's paranoid stoned scene in the woods, which has them running away in fright from absolutely nothing.
  • Dale and Saul's hilariously clumsy fight with Red:
    Red: Where do you think you're going, Mr. Wiggles? Come on! Get back here! Feisty!
    Dale: Saul, help me! Help me! He's punching my bum!
    • And:
    [slams Red's head into wall]
  • The entire opening sequence with Bill Hader as a soldier who is assigned to test an experimental strain of marijuana to see if the U.S. government needs to legalize it.
  • The policewoman's comment about students having eyes as red as the devil's dick.
  • Dale verbally assaulting the principal of his girlfriend's school.
    • And later, his phone call to his girlfriend (using a phonebooth).
  • Dale giving a motivational speech to Red to encourage him to rescue Saul.
    Red: Man, I'm just into Buddhism, and I'm at peace with the fact that me, as this person, probably gonna not be around. Think about a hermit crab, okay? And it's a shell. It's like, they go from one shell to the next. And that's what I am. I'm just a hermit crab changin' shells.
    Dale: Except if you're a dick your whole life, your next shell will be made of shit, okay? If you're an asshole, you're gonna come back as a cockroach or a worm or a fuckin' anal bead, okay? If you're a man and you act heroic, you'll come back as an eagle. You'll come back as a dragon. You'll come back as Jude Law, okay? Which would you rather be?
    Red: Maybe the anal bead, depending on who it belongs to.
    Dale: Belongs to me.
    Red: Then the dragon.
  • Saul's Unwanted Rescue of Dale from a cop gets a slushie spilled all over the windshield. Then he tries to drive off but he can't see a thing, so he tries to kick the glass away... and ends up getting his foot stuck in the windshield.