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Funny: Pete's Dragon
  • This dialogue:
    Lampy: You know anything about dragons? Real dragons. With fire... fire coming out of his mouth, and real wings.
    Terminus: You need a veterinarian. Why do you ask?
    Lampy: I saw one.
    Terminus: Is it sitting at the next table? (laughs)
    Lampy: I tell you, I saw a real dragon yesterday afternoon. He's owned by a young boy of the name of Pete.
    Terminus: You are trying to tell me there's a dragon, here, in Passamacracka?
    Hoagie: Quoddy.
    Terminus: Yeah.
    Lampy: Yes.
    Terminus: (to Hoagie as he sets his drink down) I told you this was a rotten town.
    (Lampy tries to drink Terminus' drink, but he grabs it without even looking at Lampy)
  • Hoagie and Lampy venture into Elliot's cave. Lampy describes Elliot to Hoagie as if he's some kind of Eldritch Abomination. Elliot is listening in, unknowingly terrified of himself.
    [A terrified Elliot grabs Hoagie's shoulder for comfort. Hoagie looks at it.]
    Hoagie: (pats Elliot's hand) Stay close.
    [Elliot nods. The three slowly walk through the cave. They stop.]
    Hoagie: (sees Elliot's hand on his shoulder again, now absolutely terrified) Pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffttttt.... it's g-g-go-o-t me-e-e-e-e....
    [Lampy looks behind him. Sees Elliot's hand on Hoagie's shoulder. Then looks up, sees a shaking Elliot.]
    Lampy: (looks at us) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!
    [Elliot hits his head on the ceiling.]
    Hoagie: LO-OOK AT IT!
    [Elliot sees his shadow, thinking it's the terrifying monster. He screams and grabs Hoagie and Lampy, making them shake.]
  • Hoagie trying to tell Doc he saw Elliot the dragon.
    Hoagie: I sa-sa-sa-sa-saw it!
    Doc: Saw what?
    Hoagie: El-El... d-dra-dra...
    Doc: What is "el-el-el", "dra-dra-dra", hmm?
  • Pete: No! No!
    Terminus: Yes! Yes!

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