!!From the book:
* The description from Chapter 6 of the deceased Richard Musgrove, which was nothing more nor less at the time than a riff on 'Dick' being a low-class nickname... and is now a good example of HaveAGayOldTime.
-->''"[Richard] had, in fact... been nothing better than a thick-headed, unfeeling, unprofitable Dick Musgrove, who had never done any thing to entitle himself to more than the abbreviation of his name, living or dead."''

!!From the adaptations:
* When she visits the Musgroves, Anne sits quietly as every member of the household--her sister, Charles, Mrs. Musgrove, Henrietta, and Louisa--talks her ear off with complaints about whichever member of the family she was previously listening to.
* In the 1995 BBC version, Corin Redgrave's performance as Sir Walter was hilarious, dropped r's and all. Doubles as a CastingGag because Corin Redgrave was a very active left-wing political activist playing an UpperClassTwit.
-->'''Sir Walter''': ''[to Wentworth]'' Anne? You want to marry ''Anne''? ...Whatever for?
* And from that scene, the way Wentworth's smile [[TheUnsmile freezes on his face]] at that response, which is paired with Harville looks at him with a much less-restrained expressions that screams "WTF?"