Funny / Peep And The Big Wide World

  • Almost everything Quack says or does.
  • This:
    A random Rabbit: That's not corn! That's a guy!
  • The birds finding out about their shadows and being convinced that they're real. The episode has a number of funny moments, but one that stands out would be Chirp trying to feed her shadow because it "looks a little flat". Even the narrator thought it was funny!
    Chirp: (drops some seeds onto her shadow) You simply must try these seeds from the forest. They are quite delicious!
    Chirp: (angry) EAT SOMETHING!!!
  • The episode with the fog. Quite possibly the only episode to employ huge amounts of slapstick, almost always from Quack.
  • Chirp talking in her sleep:
    Chirp: (asleep) You're right Quack...ducks do know best...I wish I were a du—(wakes up) AHHH!
    Peep: (wakes up with a start) What is it?
    Chirp: Sorry Peep...I had a nightmare!