Funny: Pee-Wee's Playhouse

  • Most of the Penny segment about manners is this, but what really stands out is the scene where the vacuum cleaner sucks everything up, including itself.
    • Another part that may count as this is Penny's tenth rule of manners: she mulls over what it is before deciding it's to curl your hair.
  • Pee-wee getting married to a bowl of fruit salad. That is all.
  • Pee-wee playing with his giant underpants.
  • There are actually two episodes where the salesman is scared off screaming when he comes at the door ("I'm going door-to-door to— AAAAGH!!!"). Once was when Roger the Monster answered the door, the other time was when Pee-Wee answered the door while his head was invisible.
  • In "Restaurant", Pee-wee asks Jambi to grant him his wish.
    Jambi: What do you want?
    Pee-wee: Oh, come on, say it like a real genie!
    Jambi: Oh, all right. (ethereal voice) Your wish is my command, oh wise and powerful master! (normal voice) So what do you want?
    • Unfortunately, Pee-wee has trouble deciding what to wish for, and says, "I wish I knew what to wish for." Jambi grants him that wish, but not actually what he wished for. Pee-wee protests, so Jambi replays the whole scene on Magic Screen to show Pee-wee his mistake.
      Pee-wee: What a gyp! You tricked me! I want another wish!
      Jambi: You know the rules, Pee-wee: only one wish per show!
      Pee-wee: (a barrage of "Big 'NO!'"s)
  • In To Tell the Tooth, Pee-Wee had a huge toothache after munching on corn on the cob. And has decided to make a wish on Jambi on Pee-Wee on that the toothache is not so painful
    • Unfortunately, Jambi was not here. He was in Mount Rushmore. He was out. It reveals an answering machine instead of Jambi.
    Pee-Wee: HELP! JAMBI, HELP! (In pain while pounding on Jambi's box gazillion times) JAMBI!
    *Jambi's box opens, And it reveals an answering machine*
    Jambi's answering machine: Hello, I am not here to grant your wish right now. So please sign your name and wish right here, And I'll be back to grant them just as soon as I can. (BEEP!) (Jambi's box closes)
    *Pee-Wee Hermen gets shocked about it*