Funny / Paulie

  • "Shut up, ya' flying rat."
  • Paulie initially makes a scene when Ivy takes him out of the pawn shop.
    Paulie: You see this broad? She's a birdnapper!
  • In the animal lab, Paulie grows annoyed with the researchers' questions and delivers this epic response when shown a flash card with a pie on it.
    Paulie: Now what is that word again, for a dish composed of meat, fowl, fish or vegetables, covered in a layer of paste and baked? Oh, yeah, it's a pie. Then again, a pie could be a magpie, a collection of rules, a copper coin, or what you call a fine-lookin' lady. If you don't believe me, look it up, Blondie. A pie can also mean a whole, as in the pie of which we crave a piece, like the whole enchilada, the big salami, the grand prize, the talking bird which you hope will make you rich, that kind of pie. Me! I'm the pie here, and if you don't mind taking your fingers out of me for a moment, I'd like to get some lunch, you lab rat!