Funny: Pathfinder

  • The entirety of the 'We Be Goblins' module.
    • The fact that 'We Be Goblins' canonically takes place before the 'Jade Regent' Adventure Path, with the people of Varisia having to deal with the mess your WBG PC's set into motion.
      • Then 'We Be Goblins Too!' takes place after that.
  • The fact that Cayden Cailean became a god while piss-drunk and still doesn't remember how he did it.
  • Champions of Purity has a picture of Hayato (Iconic Samurai) surrounded by Ridiculously Ugly Cute baby goblins, and clearly having no idea what to do with the crying infants. The name of the image? Goblin Nursery.
    • Also, the smirk on Imrijka's face as she holds a bound Mite upside-down.
  • Faiths & Philosphies contains a tract-like screed against alternate forms of faith in Golarion written by a follower of Iomedae.
  • At the start of Rise of the Runelords, players may find themselves caught up in one of these when faced with Shayliss Vinder. See this thread on the messageboards for reactions to this sequence, culminating in a scenario worthy of Yakety Sax.
  • The Goblins comics. Especially the first tale, where a band of the little psychopaths start Starscreaming each other over the magic Eye of a lich, each popping out their own eye, putting the artifact in, and getting killed in the middle of their A God Am I speech.
  • While the birth of Balazar's eidolon Padrig is mostly awesome, the fact that his head is that of a chicken comes from the fact that Balazar hadn't eaten all day and was getting hungry.
  • Early in the "Reign of Winter" Adventure path, the party gets the opportunity to skin a Winter Wolf and turn it's pelt into an item that can temporarily disguise you as a Winter Wolf. After passing though a city gate guarded by Winter Wolves in human form, a PC wearing that pelt will get pulled over by one of them. No, she didn't recognize the wolf you made it out of, she really thinks the player is a fellow Winter Wolf, and wants to ask them out!