Funny / Past Sins

  • The scene where Nyx turns Fluttershy into a tree (at Pinkie Pie's behest, and with Fluttershy's consent).
    Fluttershy (on being asked what it was like to be a tree): It was…nice.
  • When the Cutie Mark Crusaders sneak into Nightmare Nyx's castle and find the purple eye-shadow she uses as 'Nightmare Moon': "Wow, that’s a lot of makeup. Didn't know you were into-" "I-I’m not! It’s just that everypony here keeps expecting me to-" Who ever expected to see Nightmare Moon, of all ponies, flustered?
  • "The world really could be ending, and Pinkie Pie would still be Pinkie Pie."
  • Even though the rest of Ponyville didn't find it very funny, Nightmare!Nyx mocking Trixie using her body and voice was hilarious.
  • The last chapter of the story, in the second to last scene, Celestia has to go and deal with a certain pony's DRAMA! moment, and tells Luna to save her only a single, small piece of cake, claiming that she still has her figure to take care of. Luna asks a servant to save an entire one to be left in her room. TrollLuna anyone?
  • The pony having DRAMA mentioned above is Spell Nexus who, now free of The Corruption, is seeking to make amends for his part. Trouble is, he turns out to have a history of over-reacting. The real kicker is when we learn that he Screams Like a Little Girl.
  • When Apple Bloom explains to Nyx about a Pinkie Pie promise, and, of course…
    Pinkie Pie: FOREVEEER!
    Twist: If It's okay with you, Apple Bloom, I think I'll just use a normal promise.
  • When Nyx and her classmates are putting a play about the Mane 6 defeating Nightmare Moon, Applejack and Pinkie Pie comment on how accurate their dialogue is.
    Pinkie Pie: I said that... I said that! This is so cool! They got everything just right.
    Applejack: That’s mostly because of you, Sugarcube, since you somehow remembered everythin’ we exactly said.
    Pinkie Pie: Oh, that was easy. I just read the transcript.
  • After everything is all said and done, Nyx is back to normal. Her one question to Twilight?
    Nyx: "I know Luna already gave me her judgment, and I'm glad to be a filly again, but…well…I did do a lot of really bad things. So, I was wondering, and if you say yes I promise I won’t get mad, but…am I grounded?"