Funny / Passing Strange

  • "She drops the Negro dialect and speaks in her natural voice."
  • "Do you want some of this blessing?" "Yes, Brown Sugar" "Do you want SOME OF THIS BLESSING!?!?!" "YES, Brown Sugar!"
  • "HETEROSEXUAL LOVE LACKS DRAMA!!!" "That's bullshit!"
  • "I envy you so much, I wish to be reincarcerated as a black man." "OOOHHH YEAAAH!"
  • "And what about that Dutch girl singing about her fucking keys?"
  • "Do you know what it's like to hustle for dimes on the mean streets of South Central?"
  • "At this point in the play, we were planning a show tune, an upbeat, "gotta leave this town" kinda show tune. But we don't know how to write those kinds of tunes." All the while, the youth is dancing to an imaginary show tune, then suddenly stops and looks confused. "However, we do know how to make fun of European avant-garde cinema!"
  • Youth's awkward dancing in "The Black One" that all the other characters seemed very impressed by.
  • The "Must Have Been High" scene.
    Terry: I'm thirty and my life is over! AND I HAVEN'T EVEN BEEN TO SEA WORLD! Well, that's OK, 'cos I'll just go there with my boring wife, who hates music, and my ugly kids, who hate me! Help me somebody! I'm from Los Angeles; I know what it's like to be dead! (Reaches out to audience)
  • Hugo: Why would I want to see your stupid—?
  • "You know, absence really does make ze heart grow into a state of mind which somehow transforms what you once could not stand about your family into a somehow, quaint pleasure-giving construct."
  • When Hugo is awkwardly leaving an argument between Youth and Desi, and announces "True love can only exist after the revolution!", flashes a peace sign and exits to perfectly timed, comical music.
  • When Desi is first introduced and Stew is singing a song about her ideals and such until she silences him by putting a hand to his face and yelling "Have a discussion with ze hand!", to which Stew looks amazed at.