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    All Games 
  • Any time the fourth wall is brought into play.
  • Mario falling asleep from the extremely long "short versions" of the stories.
  • The interchangeability of "paper" physics and "real" physics.
  • At least in Thousand-Year Door and Super, Bowser is consistently a bringer of much joy when he's onscreen.

    Paper Mario 
  • Reading Bowser's diary reveals that he hopes that Peach legitimately likes him.
  • "And...oh dear! Who put that thing in the story?"
  • Tutankoopa's increasingly pathetic attempts to scare Mario away.
  • "Bow joined the party - like it or not!"
  • At one point in Crystal Palace, a bunch of Duplighosts try to mimic Kooper, and end up mimicking completely different charactersnote .
    • As an added bonus, if you tag Kooper as the fake regardless, he'll get angry and accuse you of doing that on purpose.
  • "WHERE'D YOU LEARN HOW TO COOK, TRUCK DRIVING SCHOOL?!" The result of feeding Gourmet Guy a bad cake. As in, a "cake" made entirely of salt and uncooked eggs, or burned strawberries, or detergent.
    • It's enough to make one suspect that they allowed the selection and usage of non-recipe specified "ingredients" just for players to get a quick laugh out of results like this. And it's all the more hilarious.
    • And if you utterly screw up the cake, he mutters about you trying to poison him.
    • The easiest part about baking the cake is the final step of adding cream and strawberries, literally. As in you have to add the cream first. If you add the strawberries first, he rejects it.
    • Notice that if/when he rejects the cake, he spits it out whole.
  • Kammy when she sees Peach disguised as a Clubba: "Mmm!! You there! You're doing a fine job."
    • In the very next line of dialogue, Kammy deduces that the Clubba is actually Peach in disguise because the Clubba smells too nice.
  • Feeding Gourmet Guy cake for the first time.
  • If you use Watt's Electro Dash on General Guy's tank, you get this gem right here.
    "Grrrrrrr! My high-tech tank defenses don't seem to stand up to that electric attack! Quit doing that! It's... It's too powerful! You're breaking the rules of war!"
  • Watt has different responses based on how you break her lantern. Opting to blow it to smithereens with Bombette will prompt her to reprimand you for it.
  • Goombario does not enjoy Dry Dry Desert.
    "You know what I just realized? I hate the desert! Yup! Sand gets in my eyes so I can't see. I feel like I've eaten a couple pounds of sand, and my feet itch. I'm freaking out here!"
    "Ah, yes! Some more sand and some more cacti! How do you stand such a boring landscape? Look, when I signed on for this adventure, I was under the impression that there would be no boredom involved."
    "You know, there sure are a lot of rocks in the desert. Before I came here, I thought there was just sand. But there are rocks, too. Whoopee."
    "So hot... I feel dizzy... Where are we going again? Who are you, anyway?"
    "So blue...the desert sky... They ought to call it... 'Big Ol' Super Blue Sky'!"
  • After you thrash the Goomba King and his servants, Red Goomba and Blue Goomba, they retreat to inside his fort. Listening at the window, you hear how the Goomba Bros. hid an important switch where no one will find it...outside.
  • If you go to Mario's House after acquiring the Super Boots but before beating Chapter 3, you can catch Luigi in the middle of writing in his diary. After a long, awkward pause he runs out of the room, and acts like nothing happened.
  • The Shy Guys screaming, especially when they do so while running from Mario.
  • When fighting Duplighosts, have Bombette as your partner and wait for them to transform into her then use her Power Bomb or Kooper's Fire Shell. Instant victory.
    • If you have Goombario, they might use tattle. It's about as useful to them as it can get for a Red Shirt Army.
  • As the party ascends to Bowser's Castle, they hear the wishes of the Mushroom people. While most of these are heartwarming, one is from a Toad who wants to eat Shroom Cake.
  • Jr. Troopa swimming to Lavalava Island to attack Mario, only for Mario to leave immediately after via the whale.
    • Then in the next cutscene, we see Mario, his partner, and Kolorado on the whale, and then after they go off screen, we see Jr. swimming after them.
    • Then when Jr. Troopa finally catches up with them, it turns out he's so worn out from all the swimming that his HP takes a dive before the battle even begins.
    • And what really seals the deal is that he had the power to sprout wings at this point. If he had flown instead of swam, he wouldn't have been nearly as worn out. He even says this himself.
  • The Monstar. At first, it looks like a powerful and intimidating enemy until it actually attacks. Its attack is sending a starstorm at you that only does one damage or if you have the Defend Plus badge equipped, no damage.
  • After Bowser is defeated, the bulletin board next to Merlon's house insists that Bowser is definitely finished for good.
  • The way Bow's eyes spin when she is dazed, especially considering how dignified she usually is.
  • At the start of Chapter 7, if you try to break through the frozen pond in order to get the key before you actually start the murder mystery sequence, you'll get reprimanded by the policeman penguin for unsafe behavior:
    "What are you doing? Stop that! Have you lost your wits? What if the ice breaks?
    • And if you try to Spin Jump a second time:
    "No! Are you a complete idiot?! I told you not to do that! That's really dangerous!"
    (he drags Mario off the ice)
    "Don't you ever listen?! You're a public nuisance! Take a hike!" (he kicks Mario out)
  • After waking the whale up via spin jump he moans about his upset stomach and then angrily complains that now he also has a headache from Mario jumping all over him.
    • Hammering or spin jumping the Whale's insides achieves a few funny lines.
    Whale: Aw, my tongue! What are you doing?!?
    Whale: Ouch, that hurt! What are you doing in there?
  • If you head back to Tubba Blubba's Castle after Chapter 3 you will find it completely deserted, save for one sleeping Clubba who apparently slept through the evacuation of the castle! If talked to he at first seems alarmed that everyone left, but then shrugs and goes right back to sleep.
  • Speaking of Clubbas, if Peach speaks to the sleeping Clubba outside her castle while disguised as it via the sneaky parasol he gives us this gem:
    Clubba: Oh it's you! Oh, it's just me. Hello me! (goes back to sleep)
  • In Chapter 4, if you try to bring the Toy Train directly to the conductor instead of tossing it into Shy Guy's Toy Box from the outside, you get this line from him:
    "Look, we can't very well ride in a tiny little toy train! That'd be impossible. Put that back in its toy box!"
  • Chapter 5 allows for a little Video Game Cruelty Potential regarding Kolorado.
    • He'll blindly rush ahead of Mario and wind up getting menaced by a foe, which you can save him from, or you can choose to ignore them and keep going, after which Kolorado will catch up and chew Mario out for it.
    • Or you can always just stand and watch the Spear Guy whack (not stab) the poor Koopa with his spear over and over and over.
    • Notably, if you attack the Spear Guy to get a First Strike, it won't stop attacking Kolorado even through the Fight Woosh, as if it doesn't even know Mario's there.

     Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door 
  • Luigi's partners telling what really happened, as Luigi fudges his stories to make him sound not so pathetic. That poor, deep-fried Blooper named Blooey...
    • In particular, Luigi's journey to Plumpbelly village is a riot. He had to dress in as a bride to fool his enemies into thinking he was a bridal sacrifice. His partner Jerry was so scarred he became depressed and stuck with Luigi just to make sure no one suffers the same fate. (That is, seeing Luigi in drag.)
      Jerry: I feel I now have a moral duty to stop Luigi from ever dressing as a bride again. I have to protect the world from my fate. That's why I'm sticking close to this guy.
    • Made Hilarious in Hindsight with the release of Super Mario Odyssey; you can make Mario dress in a wedding gown!
  • There's a scene where Mario has to go through pipes to escape a locked room. Par for the course? Of course, for Mario. But the catch? Said pipes are in a toilet. No matter which of Mario's partners you have with you on the other side, their reaction is priceless—but Flurrie's is probably the best:
    Flurrie: I should like to request that we never do that again.
    • Koops says something along the lines of "so THAT'S what plumbers do!" Also:
      Koops: X-Nauts? Sounds like tissues... to the extreme or something.
    • Similarly, each time you run into Ms. Mowz, she gives Mario a kiss before leaving. Each partner's reaction is worth hearing.
      Goombella: Ms. Mowz was here before, but I think she took the next train to Floozyville.
      Koops: Oh, my! You're so... bold...Is that legal?
  • "You rang, dude? I mean, sir? You rang, Sir Grodus, dude? Grodus? Sir Grodus, sir?"
    • "Shut up."
  • Also this exchange at the beginning of the game:
    Goombella: Professor, he's Mario! You know, the famous one!
    Prof. Frankly: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm such a bookworm, I haven't a clue about what's "hip" right now.
    • Made even funnier by Frankly's response before that:
      Mario: *Does dramatic pose*
      Prof. Frankly: *In all caps* WHO???
      Mario: *immediately Face Faults*
  • And:
    Yoshi: Oh man, the old monster-beyond-the-town-gate thing? Isn't that kinda cliched?
    • Made even funnier considering he only hatched in the last chapter.
  • The Bowser interlude where he meets Lord Crump in Twilight Town.
    • Here is the encounter in question, for your viewing pleasure. It's easily the most hilarious one of them all solely because of two blockheads like Bowser and Crump butting heads.
    • Any of the Bowser interludes, especially the ones where you need to control him through mock versions of Super Mario Bros. levels.
      Bowser—Extra Lives = ∞
      Fiesta !
    • "Great, just great. Now I look like the huge, mighty king of GUYS WHO TALK TO POSTERS!"
    • Bowser's epic battle against Rawk Hawk for his Crystal Star:
      Rawk Hawk: Pain.
    • And, of course, Bowser's reaction to the news that he has been beaten to yet another Crystal Star... by Luigi.
    • "Swimming. I was swimming."
    • In the first interlude, Bowser can listen to two Hammer Bros. in a conversation. The first one starts blabbing about how he caught Bowser mooning over a picture of Princess Peach, all while the other one is telling him to shut it. His reaction when he turns around is pretty damn hilarious.
    "I'm not funny, sir!"
    "He's not funny, sir!"
    • Also during the first interlude, Bowser can talk to a third Hammer Bro, resulting in this:
    Hammer Bro: Lord Bowser! I have been training day and night to help you conquer the world! Should the time come, I shall be ready! Order me as you please, Your Surliness!
    Bowser: Uh... super. In that case, I order you to do some sit-ups, Tubby.
    • When Kammy tells Bowser that Mario is in Rogueport, she expects a huge reaction obviously for her scouting and hard work. She gets:
    "Pbbbthbtth! Am I Mario's baby-sitter? I don't care what he's doing! Are you going to call me every time that guy blows his nose, or what? Sheesh!"
    • At the Great Tree, Kammy and Puni Elder get into an argument. Bowser has one of two thoughts that the player can choose; "You're BOTH too old" or "It's hag vs hag! Awesome!" Regardless, Kammy will ask Bowser why it looks like he's dying to say something.
      • Before that, as Bowser is searching the bushes the punis are hiding behind, the other punis are scared out of their wits, but then Bowser finds the Elder, prompting to do her "grow ten times her size routine". Bowser, Kammy, and unspoiled first-time players come dangerously close to having heart attacks.
    • "You got it, Haggy!"
    • When Bowser goes to Poshley Heights, most of the characters are either oblivious, in denial, or terrified of him. But if you talk to one of the penguins, he is hardly impressed.
    "What's that you say? You're a great and evil king? Suuuure... Listen, buddy, I think you've been spending too much time in the sun." (or something like that.)
    • There's also the one woman who wants to mount Bowser's horns on her mantle. Bowser is understandably disgusted by this.
    • When Bowser and Kammy try to go to Glitzville, Kammy asks the blimp attendant for two tickets- one for an evil king, and for a sweet young thing. The Cheep-Cheep reacts; "H-help! It's Bowser! And a deluded old hag!"
  • When visiting Glitzville, try answering the pay phone. You might get a weather update.
    Phone: Weather in Glitzville is sunny, with a chance of more sun. It's above the clouds, stupid.
    • How about when a guy calls and says "Hello?" repeatedly?
  • The Nintendo Power guide for the game is actually pretty funny in parts.
    • If you don't have the guide, get it. It's like it was written by a Deadpan Snarker or a First Third Person Smartass.
    • Two moments in said guide that particularly stand out:
      (After receiving the threatening e-mail in Chapter 3) "Mario then proceeds to go on a rampage and whack everyone in the locker room with a steel folding, not really."
      (When the Russian-accented Bob-ombs reveal their giant cannon to fire Mario to the moon) "Considering most of the Bob-ombs speak with Russian accents, those of you who grew up in the '60s may feel a bit nervous when you see the enormous weapon rise from a silo. Resist the urge to hide under a desk and tuck your head between your legs."
      • Said cannon is shaped like a vodka bottle.
  • Anytime you fight (and win) in the Glitz Pit with Yoshi.
    Yoshi: Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! How'd that floor taste?
  • Doopliss impersonating Mario.
    • For people who looked it up or replayed the game, when you try to guess Doopliss' name but use an uppercase "P" instead (since the lowercase "p" is missing) You'll get "DooPliss? Hahahaha! Who'd name their kid that?"
    • After his defeat, he ends up joining the Shadow Sirens, and becomes the replacement Butt-Monkey of the group. By their final battle, the guy who forced you to take a long back-and-forth journey just to learn his name is begging to be called Doopliss, rather than "freak-in-a-sheet".
    • The funniest part would probably be Doopliss freaking out when you guess his name correctly.
  • "Flavio hates you all."
    • The complete lack of respect the entire crew have for Flavio.
    Pa-Patch: Hey, you want to know what smells really suspicious? Flavio's armpit! (This line comes complete with really small text and a fart sound effect) Smells like low tide!
    Flavio: That's enough, you mutinous jokers!
    • The argument between Flavio and Pa-Patch. The music playing during that scene probably helps.
      Flavio: And what about you, Squinty? You turned to jelly when you saw all those ghosts!
      Pa-Patch: What are you talkin' 'bout?!? You were the one quakin' in 'is boots, fancy pants!
      Flavio: ... wait. Wait one moment. Did... did you just call the great Flavio "fancy pants"?
      Pa-Patch: That's right, fancy pants! Fancy pants! Fancy pants! Fancy pants! Fancy pants!
      Flavio: Why you little CYCLOPS! Flavio demands satisfaction! You! Me! Hammers! At dawn!
      Pa-Patch: Oy, that's right fine by me! I can't wait to put a few dents in those fancy threads!
    • Using a trick demonstrated by Almolicious on his Twitch page and at Summer Games Done Quick 2014, it's possible to get Flavio to follow your character for the remainder of the game. With the unexpected bonus of photobombing every other cutscene in the game as well.
    • After Flavio and Pa-Patch's argument, they walk off-screen only to run back and hide behind Mario when some Embers attack.
  • The Cursed Chests, to the point during the third time around, Mario seems more annoyed than scared.
    • And eager to be Cursed with Awesome.
    • The fourth chest is actually disappointed when it learns Mario has already been through the entire "WEE HEE! FOOLS!" routine three times before.
  • Goombella's tattles do not disappoint:
    • Upon entry to an X-Naut base on the moon, she marvels at the architecture, especially the large dome that keeps all of the air within the structure. And then realizes that you just walked around outside with no problems.
    • Tattle with her when atop the Excess Express, and she'll try to describe the view briefly before giving up, on account of the Smorg infestation.
      Goombella: This is the train's roof. Look at that scenery go whipping by! Wowser! ...Look, this is no time for me to be describing stuff! These guys are so ANNOYING! They're flippy and floppy and gross and I HATE them! Let's get rid of them!
    • Her book describes Goombas as "the underlings of underlings". Being a Goomba herself, she reacts appropriately.
    • Tattle on Bowser and she'll say "That's Bowser, genius."
    • "That's a Twilighter who's totally obsessed with how important the moon is here. I guess, it's pretty prominent here, but he still might be a werewolf."
    • "I know she didn't turn into a pig just to feed her hungry kids!"
    • "Hey, this Twilighter is still a pig. .....Omigosh Mario, you can't tell her I said that!"
    • She is completely unable to tell the Punies apart, other than the main four. This results in some hilariously uninformative tattles if you ask her about them.
      • "Hm... I wonder how long Punies live. Smaller animals tend not to live as long as larger animals... ....maybe it's best not to think about it."
      • "You know what I wonder? Why are they called Punies? Because they're... Oh... right."
    • Tattle a Swooper for her opinion of its name.
    • Also, her tendency to point out the Fridge Logic behind some of the enemies, notably Bob-ombs and Hammer Bros.
    • When she first meets Dupree, she blows off his advances immediately. Unfortunately, he's a Recurring Extra, and her comments develop from simple disgust to outright despair if she keeps tattling him. And eventually all the way around to begrudging respect for how good he is at getting to each place in your journey before you.
      • "That's that totally gross guy, Dupree! What the heck is THAT guy doing here? Omigosh! You don't think he followed us here 'cause he's infatuated with me, do you? ...No? Oh, what, like it's not even possible?!? That's kinda insulting, Mario!"
    • " makes me want to yell, 'Hey stupid ocean! Look at me, I'm on vacation!!'"
    • "This guy's name is Fred. He's not very freaky for a Fred, though. What? Not all Freds are freaky? News to me."
    • The Tattle Log itself has a few amusing lines. On Kammy: "She's a nasty, magic-using crone, but you should still respect your elders! Remember that!"
      • "You wanna hate me, but you can't help but love the RAAAAAAAWWWWK!" Did Rawk Hawk write his own entry?
    • If you tattle Luigi the very first time you run into him, Goombella's reaction will be a slightly sarcastic "Who's this guy?", before pointing out that it's Luigi.
  • The crows in Twilight Town, when you hide in the shadows with Vivian.
  • Bowser can investigate his statues in his first level (which consists solely of walking to the other end of the room and being rude to a few underlings)... for the most part, he just comments about how handsome he is. But on the third one you get this lovely parody of the way Mario finds things, complete with Item Found music on the bolded statement:
    Wow... what a profile! Although... this thing could use a good dusting... Huh? It looks like this eye is a little loose... Incredible! The statue's eye is a jewel! I got the Bowser Jewel! ...Just kidding.
  • One of the very first scenes in the game involves a massive horde of X-Nauts jumping Mario—and then Mario just walks away, as they're mindlessly pouncing on something (that is very much not Mario) in the middle of the crowd.
  • The scene shortly after the above where, in the middle of Toadsworth talking, two Pianta mobsters show up in the background and begin working two Craws (Gus and Garf) over before leaving. You're in Rogueport for 5 minutes and you've already witnessed a gang war.
  • During the final Bowser level, you can talk to that rich Toad lady. Unlike the others, who cower in fear from Bowser, she begins admiring his horns before asking if she can mount them above her fireplace. Bowser's reaction is priceless.
  • Out of the many hilarious dialogue options this game gives you, one of the best comes right before Chapter 2 when you meet Punio:
    Punio: Huh? Uh... You didn't come here to eat me?
    Punio: And you're not bullies?
    Option 1: "Of course not!"
    Option 2: "Guess again, nerd!"
  • When you try to wake General White, the game snarks at you how that's not working. Each and every time. You do it about a dozen times. Twice. And each is funnier than the last. Stuff like "Sleeping like a 'stached baby." or "He woke up... just kidding, he's still asleep."
  • There's one point where Frankly is giving his usual exposition, he stops saying "no that's not" and your current partner asks "that's not what?" and Frankly screams "I DON'T KNOW". Cue face fault from Mario and your partner looking like they have just received some damage.
  • The sidequest from the Trouble Center where you have to give a Goomba (who somehow got deep into Pirate's Grotto) a girlfriend. You're supposed to introduce him to Goombella, but you can introduce him to any of your partners. The funniest part is, Koops and Yoshi seem to be legitimately offended that he didn't want them.
    Goomba: I asked for a cute goomba gal, he's just some crusty old Bob-omb! Dude, what is WRONG with you?!
    Bobbery: Well, you're not really my type either, you scaliwag!
    Yoshi: Shove off! Who'd date you anyway?
    Koops: Wow, I do NOT feel very attractive now...
    Flurrie: Why, honey, you need your eyes checked, I am a PRIZE!
    Vivian: You're not really doing much to impress me either bub.
  • In Chapter 2, when you first get to the Great Boggly Tree, you find there's a mechanical door that blocks your way. Punio goes to where the secret entrance for Punies is, but can't find it because of an invisible thingy. He comments no secret entrance would be labelled secret entrance. When you get Flurrie and use her power to blow that thingy away, it turns out, the secret entrance is marked by a large neon sign that clearly says "SECRET ENTRANCE".
  • After Chapter 7, there's a sidequest in the Trouble Center where you have to dress up like Luigi and meet someone who is a fan of Luigi. Hilarity ensues.
    • In case you're too lazy to click on the link above, the real Luigi shows up, the fan mistakes him for an impostor and chases him away.
    • This is also a Call-Back to the fact that Luigi originally was a palette swap of Mario.
  • During any battle, the audience may throw items at Mario's party to help out, but sometimes you will get a heckler that will throw rocks or garbage at you. You can actually counter the hecklers by making Mario or his ally run off the stage, go into the audience, and whack the heckler so they leave! Mario may be saving the world, but he won't hesitate to kick someone's ass for busting his chops during a fight.
  • "You never know when someone might go nuts and attack! Be careful! Live longer!"
    • "Nobody zings us like that! NOBODY!!"
  • During Chapter 3, in the Major League locker room at the Glitz Pit, at one point Hamma Jamma the Hammer Bro. tells you that his father dropped out of Hammer School and went to business school instead. Later on, Hamma Jamma says that his dad, the "Business Bro.", will be in the audience that day and that if things start going badly during the fight, could Mario knock the Business Bro. on his back so that he can't see what's happening.
    • Spike Joe (Another Major Leaguer) has a crazy obsession with his spike, and gets an equally weird one with Mario's mustache, trying to determine which is better, even suggesting a buddy cop show called "Mustache and Spike".
  • During TEC's Could-Say-It-But... quiz, one of the questions is "What does Grodus want to do with the 1000 year-old demon?", with two of the answers being "Cherish it always", and "Hang out with it".
  • Before disembarking at Rogueport, the tugboat captain tries to warn Mario that Rogueport is kind of a cesspool.
    "What's that? You say there's a princess waiting for you? Er...right. If you say so."
  • When fighting the Bob-Ombs in the Glitz Pit, use an attack that hits all enemies to make them angry, then use Clock Out. If you're successful, the Bob-Ombs will be defeated instantly by an attack that doesn't do any damage.
    • Also in the Glitz Pit, if you bungle your first attack on the bandits and they use their Sleepy Sheep, you have a very good chance of winning anyways. Why? The turn after they steal anything, they run, and running in the Glitz Pit means defeat. So you can spend the entire match passed out, only to wake up to your opponents reeling in defeat!
  • During the Chapter 6 Bowser interlude, Bowser walks into Rogueport Plaza and scares away some civilians. When Kammy tells him of suspicious underground door, Bowser leaves to investigate. When Bowser leaves, Luigi walks into the plaza with a question mark in his speech bubble.
  • On Keelhaul Key, Mario is tasked with bringing Frankie and Francesca back to Rogueport. Francesca is so upset with Frankie losing his ring, that she forces him to say "I love you" 100 times. The player has to press A 100 times, and eventually a counter appears that shows how many times he says "I love you".
  • The Recognition Failure that becomes the Running Gag of the game: every single chapter, save for the final one, Mario's name is either butchered or he's mistaken for another character completely (he even gets mistaken for Luigi!).
  • For his first fight, Sir Swoop's special condition is to "Do a triple flip and meow".
    • Jolene repeats this to him and says it should be "fairly easy".
    • Given that your first special condition is to use the 'Appeal' command, the triple-flip-meow is probably Sir Swoop's appeal.
    • Just the concept of the scene: forcing the player to sit through the entire Justified Tutorial again because an NPC needs to learn it.
  • One of the quests that you get at the Trouble Center after completing Chapter 3 has you return to the Glitz Pit to clean out the storage room. After talking to Jolene about it, once you go to the storage room, you find it full of dirty pants, which you have to collect.
    • And when you talk to Jolene after you finish that, she freaks out on realizing you're still carrying them. Adding to the humor is that she always refers to said trunks as "garbage", with the word popping in instead of just appearing on screen. She really hates that stuff.
  • Everytime a partner joins you, you get a primer which explains their abilities. If you choose to recruit Ms. Mowz however, she explains her own abilities.
  • When Mario is spying on Grubba and Jolene, your partner will suspect that one of them is behind the missing fighters. Grubba hears them talking and thinks someone is eavesdropping. You get to choose between 3 noises, squeak, meow, or burp. Squeak and meow will make Grubba think its just a mouse or cat. Choosing burp however will make Grubba think it's just a burping beetle.
    • During their conversation, Jolene said she didn't find anything in the storage room and states the noise coming from inside was "probably just a rat or something", and considering Ms. Mowz was in the room when you first entered...
  • Frankly and Crump breaking the fourth wall in Chapter 5.
    Frankly: Are all of you ready? And you there! In front of the TV! You listen too!
    Crump: Hey! You there! In front of the TV! It may be obvious to you who I really am, but no telling Mario, or else!
  • Once you enter Cortez's ship, he immediately accuses Mario of trying to steal his treasure and starts his boss fight. After the fight, Mario explains he has no interest in the treasure and only wants the Sapphire Star. Cortez decides to just give it to you since he can afford to let go of "one or two extra gems" and he apparently didn't like it that much. Also, he calls the Sapphire Star a "little rock" even though it's much bigger than the other gems in his collection.
  • In Glitzville, the "Let there be hot dogs!" option you're offered when it's clear that the Yoshi egg is almost ready to hatch. Pick that one if you want to see your currently selected partner tear into Mario.
    • Also, during the Rawk Hawk fight, a funny moment occurs if you try to use your Ultra Jump's FP move in-battle while your opponent has the rafters down (Rawk Hawk uses them to fling stage props at you during his turn). Mario will hit the rafters as he jumps way high, instead of performing the move normally, causing him to float back down as in the first Paper Mario game! If you used the Charge badge before trying the aforementioned attack, for example to use the awesome-looking jump as a finishing move, he won't even lose his extra attack power!

     Paper Mario: Sticker Star 
  • In the opening cutscene, Bowser tries to steal the Sticker Comet. Three Toads try to stop him, only to send him flying into it once their grip gets loosened. When Bowser crashes into the comet, he's just sent flying with a little "plink" sound effect.
  • The Toad in charge of turning the "Things" into stickers actively trying to engage Mario into shady dealings...buying more things from the wall to the left.
  • The green Toad at the beginning of the game suggests you help "deburrito" Decalburg to return the town to normal. Once you actually do so, he gets rolled up in it. And you can just leave him there.
  • Several Toads have funny statements upon being rescued, especially the guy who was wadded up and thrown in the trash.
  • The Sombrero Shy Guys are just hilarious to watch. On the field, they're standing there, playing a catchy tune if you stand next to them. When you enter a battle with another different enemy, though, they rush over to the enclosing screen and join the fight to empower enemies after a turn passes.
    • And then there's the item that Sombrero Shy Guys sometimes drop: a sombrero. How does Mario use it? By flinging it at the enemy!
      • And if you fight the full Mariachi band of Sombrero Shy Guys in one level they'll play a little tune...and then throw their hats at you.
  • If you explore Yoshi Sphinx thoroughly, you'll fight Kamek, who will turn your entire sticker collection into sandals. Even with this making it a hindrance to fight, you can still beat him with them.
    • He does it again in your last battle with him. Kersti's attempt at a Badass Boast is just priceless.
      Kersti: We'll beat him so bad he'll think his flips are flopped!
  • The dried out oasis has a Toad lamenting how it used to have water. Once you fill it with water, the scene changes to what it used to be with water and plants growing. Suddenly, the Toad that was mourning his bad luck comes down floating on the water wearing sunglasses and drinking juice, using a Totally Radical accent.
  • Many of the Thing animations are downright hilarious to look at:
  • Most people know about the Goat Thing by now, but the kicker is HOW you get it in the first place. Once you hit the tree, a swing descends far away between Mario and the Goat, and Birdo appears from the top and sings as he/she/it delivers the Goat to you.
    • The kicker is that Birdo is singing about its own ambiguous gender.
  • The line of Shy Guys. If you take the long way and get into the line, the Shy Guy before you is left speechless at what you're doing. If you cut in line, however, the Shy Guy will be annoyed instead.
  • Kamek being referred to as a hipster.
    • After fighting him in World 2-2, Kersti will comment "Hey, look at me, I ride a broomstick. I was into stickers before they were cool."
  • In each of the worlds, there's always a red Toad that needs help from being bullied by the native enemies. After saving him all the times, his house in Decalburg fills up with anecdotes of his travels. Once having read all of them, the Toad taking care of the house starts bawling in complete admiration and drops an HP-Up.
  • When you first run into the Boos, Kersti says "They look more "fun" than "terrifying" to me, but whatever", all while Mario is frozen in terror.
  • Some of the battles against the Boos are pretty funny as well, from a crumpled Boo that only has one HP, to Boos dancing to disco music that even replaces the normal battle theme.
  • After collecting all of the Boos, Kamek casts a spell on the book containing them to create a giant Boo. As the music builds up and Mario and Kersti recoil in horror, the music stops and the scene suddenly freezes as Kamek casually walks past them. When he's gone, the music comes back and the scene continues where it left off.
  • In a world made of paper, the final boss is made of cardboard.
  • The museum texts showing Toads treating "Things" as it they were SCPs. In their defense, those Things can be mighty dangerous! Here are some particularly good descriptions:
    • The Billiard Ball:
      This orb would be indistinguishable from other massive spheres if not for the inexplicable number on its side. For the love of Toad, what does it MEAN?!
    • The Tape:
      A variation of this thing has long been used by Toad security forces to restrain ne'er-do-wells. It should not be used on your little brother. I MEAN IT!
    • The Soda:
      Apparently, whatever mad scientist created this thing thought it would be funny to load liquid into a highly pressurized container. Ha ha.
    • The Basin:
      Plated in what is almost certainly gold, this private, solar-powered hot tub was likely overpaid for by a rich Toad who forgot that he was made of paper.
    • The Trophy:
      This extravagant chalice looks pricey, but functionally, it's a disaster. It's too big for one Toad to drink out of, and what's that weird guy doing on top?
  • Kersti's snark about the door to a windmill being blocked by a windmill blade.
    Kersti: What were they thinking? "Hey, guys, did we forget anything. Oh, yeah, THE FRONT DOOR ACCESS."
  • The entirety of Stump Glade's Snifit or Whiffit game show, from the host's passive aggressive remarks towards Mario, to the bonus round which has Mario whacking "unpaid Snifit interns" before "they scurry back underground to the underwhelming intern lounge!" to the various questions (26 in total, not including variations) which range from simple, to tricky, to outright weird.
    Snifit: My dinner last night was a delicious mushroom steak.
    Snifit: This doesn't leave the room, but Princess Peach is actually a man.
    • Adding to this is the dialogue for entering the bonus round: "Just like last time, our lawyers advise me that I technically can't guarantee you'll live. You OK with that?"
      "I agree in a legally binding way!"
      "I hereby decline."
  • There's a book in the Enigmansion written in Ancient Stickerish. It mainly contains words related to stickers...except for the last four letters, which spell out RAWK.
  • The ski-lift level is probably one of the most tedious levels in the game. Naturally, Kersti's dialogue throughout the stage calls to mind the Escalator Land sequence.
  • Kersti's dialogue before, during and after the minecart ride in the "Bowser Snow Statue" area, especially if you compare it with her reaction to the ski-lift level right before.
    Kersti: (before clearing the stage) Huh? What is this line? It must be for something exciting! Though I don't know how they can top that chairlift!
    Kersti: (revisiting the level) We're riding that...thing again? I'll try not to scream.
  • Even with what's supposed to be a Tear Jerker moment, Kersti still has one more funny thing to say.
    Kersti: ...and if you sell me at a shop, I'll never forgive you.

    Paper Mario: Color Splash 
We can potentially chalk this up as a Crowning Game of Funny, really; it's like if Rare employees wrote the script of Super Mario RPG!
  • Just like in Sticker Star, characters react to you hitting them with your hammer. Unlike in Sticker Star however, during the beginning of the game, Peach and Toad are following you. You can also hit them with your hammer.
    Peach: Don't make me take that hammer away from you, because I will, mister!
    Toad: OW! Do I look like a crate to you?!
  • Mario and Peach panicking at the sight of the Shy Guy attacking the Toad is pretty funny.
    Toad: Mario... Help me! I...I can't feel my pants!
  • After you take out the Slurp Guy and his cohorts at the beginning of the game, Peach requests a moment of silence for the lost toad. Huey is a little less patient.
    Peach: Oh, poor Toad... Everyone, a moment of silence, please...
    *moment of silence*
    Huey: MAN, I'M STARVING! How about that burger?!
    • Justified, as he knows that the toad can just be brought back with a splash of paint.
  • One enemy type is a Shy Guy who sucks color out of the landscape... with a straw. Yes, a regular straw.
  • Mario can hit Toads with the paint hammer, coating their heads in paint. This is actually required to solve a puzzle.
  • Early on, a blue Toad complains about losing to the first Goomba, "just like a grandma."
  • Justice Toad and his Overdrive Gravity Boots, which harness the power of gravity to make him stay on the ground. Mario also catches a Shy Guy reading his diary, which plays out like a self-insert fanfiction.
  • One of Luigi's letters begins with "Heya Big Bro, It's-a me, Luigi. You know, your brother, Luigi, with the green hat?"
  • If you drop down the wrong side of the gate after first using the Cutout feature, Huey takes notice and complains.
  • The sequence where Mario and Huey invade the airship:
    DANG IT JOHNSON! I TOLD you to pull up the anchor!
    • Later, after beating up the Shy Guys flying the airship, it starts to destabilize. Huey tells Mario to find a switch to drop the bucket. Nearby is a switch. A self destruct switch.
  • Even when speaking through Hulk Speak, Morton can still drop a gem:
    • Immediately before that, if he gets to have a turn after you've extinguished/destroyed his mallet, he attempts to attack you with it as if it were still a mallet, an attack that does 1 point of damage.
      Morton: EAT STICK!
  • After defeating Morton and returning to Port Prisma, Bowser shows up to gloat before leaving in the repaired airship. It's... seen better days.
    • He also kidnaps Princess Peach. And tapes her to a strand of paper attached to the airship. The best part? Everybody acts like it's totally unexpected, which is a blatant example of Lampshade Hanging by Nintendo.
    • And in a bit of irony or perhaps poetic justice, as the Koopalings leave Prism Island in the (still destroyed) airship, Bowser himself is taped to the airship in the exact same way that Peach was when she was kidnapped!
  • After he leaves, it is found that Peach managed to send a letter. Which takes the representation of an 8-bit version of Peach that plays her messages as holograms.
    Toad: a Holo-Peach! You know... a self-delivering postcard shaped like Princess Peach. Obviously.
  • There's also the Plunger, which approaches the enemy slowly while Sexophone music plays, then jumps on them and rapidly pumps up and down. How they got THAT past the radar...
  • In the aptly named Mondo Woods, everything within is giant sized including the enemies and coins. One is large enough to block your path and Huey thinks collecting it will make him and Mario rich, but it is drained of it's paint at the time. Later, when you collect the Yellow Big Paint Star you can collect the coin, revealing that it only counts as one, which rightfully peeves off Huey.
    Huey: WHAT?! That only counted as ONE coin?! Shenanigans! SHENANIGANS, I SAY! *sigh* The mustache twirling will have to wait, I suppose.
  • If you attempt to walk down the train tracks in certain levels:
    Huey: The tracks just stretch off into the vast, boring unknown here, Mario. No point going this way.
  • At Marmalade Valley, Huey attempts to have an emotional moment with Mario, which gets interrupted by a giant Chain Chomp made of cardboard bashing through a nearby wall and chasing them.
    Huey: Hey, Mario. Hold on a second. This whole dig site seems a bit... seismolologically unstable, wouldn't you say? And I just felt a little vibration in the air... So this seems as good an opportunity as any to say something important. I just want you to know that, should something catastrophic happen, I will protect you. I would literally throw my body in front of-
    *Princess busts through a wall and Huey flies away*
    • And shortly after that, Huey is found sitting in a bush.
      Huey: Oh, hey! I found a safe spot over here for you. I was just keeping it warm.
  • The Golden Colosseum has several moments:
  • At the Dark Bloo Inn, ghosts have appeared. One Toad says he tried to call Luigi for help, but it went straight to voice mail.
  • In the Dark Bloo Inn, there's a room full of books, along with a really thick book on the shelves. If you investigate the book, you can see its title: "The Internet (Print Edition)".
  • In Dark Bloo Inn, a Shy Guy steals "it" from one of the ghosts. "It" is totally invisible and the Shy Guy and pals all talk about how cool "it" is. When you take "it" back, its description even just says "" The ghost who had "it" even tells you to take a long, hard look at "it" and its total invisibility. If you use your paint to colorize it like you would other items, it turns out to be a Yoshi! The game offers you the chance to, yes, ride Yoshi... who then jumps away from you and disappears out a window forever, as if the devs are taunting you. By the time you make it to the Emerald Circus, however, it was revealed that the Yoshi jumped out the window to escape the inn and free the other Yoshis in a cage close to the circus tent.
  • The Dark Bloo Inn mostly revolves around doing tasks for ghosts spread around the building. While they mostly fit in with the paranormal theme, a few of them are quite humorous:
    • The reception desk has been getting a lot of silent phone calls. Turns out, this was the ghost in room 301 attempting to call room service to complain about his rumpled sheets. After you hear him whine about how terrible the reception is, you can go and grab some fresh sheets from the basement and then use them to make the ghost's bed. Then he admits that he only wanted fresh sheets is because he loves rolling around in the stuff.
    • One of the ghosts can't find his glasses anywhere, because they're propped on his forehead. You solve his problem by whacking him on the noggin, knocking the glasses on his face. Even better, if you leave the box blocking the entryway, he'll bump into it, sending his glasses back on his head, though he now knows where they are.
  • The source of the poison in Plum Park turns out to be Petey Piranha, who has been folded up into a teabag and put into a teapot. And to make it even better, he tries to mock Mario and Huey, before realizing that they can't understand him as the text is only being translated for the player.
  • Also in Plum Park is another musical cameo from Birdo.
  • If you attempt to repaint the ocean with your hammer, Huey has some choice words for you.
    Huey: Are you really trying to paint the entire ocean with your hammer? How are you still alive?!
    Huey: Perhaps I didn't make myself clear earlier... KNOCK IT OFF!
  • The Dancing Pig as a thing item.
  • The second level of Sacred Forest takes place inside a comically shrunk forest leading to some funny moments.
    • After the Mini Paint Star is stolen by an army of tiny Goombas, Huey realises there is one on his back. Cue a panic attack and asking Mario to get rid of it; he does this by hitting Huey into the background, much to his anger. The second time Huey ends up with a Goomba on him he almost ends up doing the same thing but stops just in time.
    • After finding one of the Mini Paint Star pieces, a group of Goombas tries to stop Mario picking it up in a scene that portrays them as somewhat intimidating, right before revealing that they are just as small as every other enemy in the level. The gag is repeated with two Hammer Bros. at the end of the level.
      • When you fight the tiny Hammer Bros., during their first turn, they'll attempt to throw hammers at you from where they're standing, only to miss as Mario is too far away.
    • A Toad is subject to the shrink magic which leads to some amusing dialogue when he sees Mario and thinks he ate a Mega Mushroom. He then says his dream is to become a member of the Toad Rescue Squad. If you return to Port Prisma, you see him get rejected due to his size, while being told to "eat some vegetables until you triple in size".
      • When you make the Toad grow back to normal size thanks to the Magnifying Glass Thing, he immediately goes to get himself recruited. The director astonishingly asks how many vegetables he could have possibly eaten to grow to that size.
  • Cobalt Base seems like a straightforward, easy level at first. Then you fall through a trapdoor onto a pipe. After you go through the pipe, you appear underwater in a bubble. And then, out of nowhere, it's revealed that you're on the set of Snifit or Whiffit. Which is underwater, for some reason.
    • And if you answer all seven questions correctly, the host will give you the choice to partake in a bonus round in a "double-or-nothing" scenario: either get a super special thing (the camera Thing required for beating Wendy) if you answer correctly, or...
    Host Snifit: But get even one wrong and it's an instant game over and your save file will be erased forever!
  • When Mario and the Toad pirates cross the sea to Fortune Island, a typical pirate shanty begins to play. When it abruptly cuts off, the Captain laments that was the best part.
  • On your journey, you come to Vortex Island, home to a massive whirlpool that is blocking your path. When explaining your goals to one of the island residents, he protests by saying that they have all sorts of promotional merchandise for the island. As it turns out, this merchandise is 500 "Vortex Island sucks!" T-shirts.
    • And what was causing the vortex? An active washing machine in the Parallel World.
    • When you squeeze the aforementioned item, you are ambushed over and over'' again by angry mooks who had clothing being washed in there, including a Koopa who had his "best Sunday shell" in there, and will even complain during battle that he'll have to wear the same stinky old one.
  • When Mario and the pirate crew finally reach their destination, you explore the tunnels of Fortune Island. You can't leave from where you came in, so you need to find another way out. When you do, you'll see that the captain is staring intently at the hole where you first entered. Talk to him, and he'll be caught so off-guard, he'll forget to use his stereotypical pirate lingo.
    • And earlier:
      Captain: It'll take more than a puny 200-foot-tall skull to scare me off!
  • Later on, you find the legendary captain who first found Fortune Island. After squeezing his grill Thing, he'll get so mad that he passive-aggressively follows you until you're mildly annoyed. His dialogue makes it even better.
    Legendary Captain: There's no fury like hungry-captain fury!
    • Bonus points for it being one of the only things that happens in video games besides instant game-overs that would likely faze a player. Even Huey comments on how persistent he is after going into another room.
  • Upon defeating the boss in Fortune Island and reclaiming the Violet Big Paint Star, where does it go? To the big white circle at the Mustard Café where the chef/barista is lounging, turning it into a gaping hole in the ground, upon which he promptly falls into the abyss, along with his chair and his parasol. Meanwhile, glorious-sounding music plays, as if the game knows the player considers him a jerk and, after completing ten stages without getting him to move from his spot, he's finally getting his comeuppance.
  • The saga of the Sunset Express. First, it gets held up prepping for its last voyage before retirement. However, before it departs, you have to demolish the tracks at Kiwano Temple. This rightfully peeves off the conductor, and in order to progress, you have to find the *twenty-four* toads of the Blue Rescue Team in order to fix the tracks. The brave toads literally form new tracks out of their bodies to let the train pass. Finally, the Sunset Express takes off as triumphant music plays... Only for a Thwomp to fall out of nowhere and crush the engine. And then the passengers get out and push.
  • When you have to repair the Sunset Express at Toad Trainworks, at one point you can enter the cabin where the Toads are waiting. If you do, you enter a "battle" that consists of all the Toads yelling at you for 1 damage each.
    Hurry up and repair the train!
    What's taking so long?!
    I'm starving!
    When are we leaving?!
    My wife left me!
    I'm tired!
    Luigi wouldn't do this to us!
    You're too slow!
    My butt is getting kinda numb!
    My foot's asleep too!
    I'm bored!
    • Even funnier is if this kills you, since the Toads just doomed the world with their impatience. Whoops!
  • After making pizza for Toads at Tangerino Grill, Mario is asked to prepare a meal for the VIP guest. Once you enter the room the VIP guest is in, he throws a raw steak at you from behind the curtain he's hiding behind. Upon coming in contact with the steak, you start fighting it. That's right, you're going to cook a steak through battle. And it actually fights back.
  • The caution sign in Redpepper Crater's hot springs.
    "Warning: Water contains water. Water is hot. Water will get you wet. Please do not sue us."
  • When squeezing the Magnifying Glass Thing in Tangerino Grill, a prompt to open the electronic manual pops up. Doing so will take you to a note from the developers that has nothing to do with giving advice for the game, but rather is devoted to gushing about delicious meat such as the ones they went out and bought (and wrote off as a business expense naturally) to research how the steak you fight in the game should look. They even include photos.
  • Every time you rescue a Big Paint Star, it will fill in the color for an object that's simply too big for Mario. The red one fills in Sunglow Ridge's gate, the blue one fills in a section of the ocean, and so on. But when the world is all colored, what can the green one repaint? We hear the sounds of Luigi off-screen, but was that just an easter egg? No. Suddenly Mario has trouble getting to the final level, so what happens? Luigi shows up in his newly repainted go-kart, complete with the title theme of Mario Kart 8 and ready to give you a lift to the final dungeon. It's also a little Heartwarming.
  • Related to the above: in the endgame, the Big Paint Stars make a road that is also a rainbow to the final level. When the player makes Mario jumps on it, he begins to walk up it... and then it gets too slippery and he simply falls back down to the ground while the music grinds to a halt. And then out of nowhere, Luigi shows up in his kart.
  • As you know, Replica Thing cards can't be used to solve boss puzzles. What you may not know is that using a Replica of the intended card has some humorous side effects:
    • Attempting to use a Replica Bone on Iggy causes him to nonchalantly jump when it goes above him, smacking it out of the way and confusing Mario.
      Iggy: A pretend bone? OK, I'll pretend to lose! AHAHAHA!
    • If you attempt to use Replica Balloons when fighting Ludwig, he retaliates by shooting Birdo with a missile from offscreen.
      Ludwig: Gwehehe! Get that Replica garbage out of here!
    • Using a Replica Instant Camera during the Wendy battle causes her to suddenly photobomb Mario.
    • If a Washing Machine Replica is used during the battle against Roy, the animation starts normally and then it randomly goes in reverse, complete with the sound effects going backwards as well.
      Roy: A Replica? You expect to beat ME with a REPLICA?! Bahaha! Take that weak stuff back to the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • "You're telling me we could have avoided this entire game if we just installed a Don't Mix The Paint sign?!"
  • You can talk to all fifty-odd Toads of the Red Rescue Squad as they stand in line for the Emerald Circus. Some of them have some crazy things to say.
    "I love standing in long lines! It allows me to contemplate my mortality!"
  • Having low health in any battle causes an hilariously off key version of the battle song in question to play. This sounds utterly ridiculous in the Wendy Koopa Battle or pretty much any other boss fight in game. It's like the Sonic Unleashed Rank E music taken up to eleven.
  • After beating Bowser who was possessed by the black paint and thus didn't remember anything while he was possessed, he was confused why Mario and Huey was there and beating him with him asking "Do we have a kart race scheduled today?" referencing the Mario Kart series.
  • When you finally get the lighthouse working the lighthouse keeper will start dancing and disco music plays.
  • Everytime you get a big Paint star all the toads in Prisma Town and any relevant characters from the chapter that Big Paint Star was found at will celebrate by dancing.
  • Apparently during the boat ride to Prisma Island the Toad Retainer accompanying Mario and Princess Peach somehow accidentally threw Mario's hammer overboard into the sea.

Alternative Title(s): Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door, Paper Mario 64, Paper Mario Sticker Star, Paper Mario Color Splash