Funny / Panic Room

  • Sarah teaching her mother to curse out the burglars over the intercom.
    Sarah: Say "fuck".
    Meg: *turns on intercom* Fuck!
    *the burglers look at the intercom speaker in confusion*
    Sarah: Mom! "Get the fuck out of my house!"
    Meg: *turns on intercom again* Get the fuck out of my house!
  • Raoul's reaction when Meg starts smashing the house's security cameras with a sledgehammer:
    Raoul: Why the hell didn't we do that?
  • When Sarah first sees the panic room door open:
    Sarah: My room. Definitely my room.
  • After Officer Keeney asks what Meg meant when she said "There are three..." on the phone to Stephen before being cut off:
    Meg: Look, my husband and I just split up and it's my first night in a new house and I admit I was a little drunk. And the sentence, if you insist on knowing, was going to be, "There are three things that I'll do for you if you come and jump into bed with me right now." Thank God I came to my senses before I said all that, and I hung up so nobody would ever have to know what I was thinking. Unless, of course, two policemen came in the middle of the night and interrogated me.
  • After her Moment of Awesome in burning off the gas that was flooding the room, while they were still inside it, Meg turns to Sarah and says in a semi-shellshocked voice: "Promise me that you'll never do anything like that!". Sarah accepts without any argument whatsoever.
  • Sarah's answer to Meg asking how she learned the signal for SOS: Titanic (1997).
  • Raoul's shocked groan of "EMPTY?" when Burnham finally gets the safe open to find nothing inside. It's just a false bottom, though.
  • Sarah's snarky response to her Meg's question if she can still hear her mother alright after Sarah's blood sugar dropped down to the 40s range and Meg's reaction to that.
    Sarah: I'm dizzy, not deaf.
    Meg: Great. Smart-ass. That's excellent.