Funny / Pajama Sam

No Need To Hide When It's Dark Outside
  • Sam throwing a rock into the small basket near Darkness' house, and remarking "Wow, physics" from being knocked down by the result.
  • All of the antics relating to the Salad Liberation Front, and the little song they play at the end in the Musical Kitchen.
    Carrot Leader: Guys, can't you see he's with me and you're free to go?
    Carrots: Free?
    Carrot Leader: Yes free.
    Carrots: Free?
    Carrot Leader: Uh huh.
    Carrots: FREE FREE? (free, free, free)
  • Clicking on the three candles in the secret passage is utterly hilarious, considering their Deadpan Snarker attitude. Even better, their conversation changes depending on the order they're clicked on.
    Middle Candle: I feel lightheaded.
    Left Candle: What you're feeling is the satisfaction of fulfillment in your role in the universe.
    Right Candle: What he's feeling is his brain is melting. Yours have obviously all gone.
    Left Candle: Have I mentioned how much I really love this job? We're doing so much good here, providing light and warmth!
    Right Candle: In a room that's nearly always empty. What could be more ridiculous?
  • One of the questions for the trivia game asks what the best programming language is. All answers are correct, including "Who cares?"
  • After you become the Grand Champion, if you leave Darkness's house and later return to the Doors of Knowledge, you can briefly catch them bickering with each other over who gets to read the questions.

Thunder And Lightning Aren't So Frightening
  • Sam and Bill Gate's exchanges when Sam tries to enter World Wide Weather using the crowbar or ID card. (The latter is inaccessible except by hacking, since Sam can't get the ID card until after he's permanently left that area of the game.)
  • Sam has to make an appointment to access a new part of the building:
    Sam: I'd like to make an appointment to see someone.
  • Sam doing the YMCA after waiting outside of the entrance to World Wide Weather with the hard hat on.
  • After Sam falls on the button that screws up the weather, the monitors on the side will show various parts of the world subjected to the unusual weather patterns, except for one which is nice and sunny. It's Seattle.
  • Wing Nut constantly hypes himself up as the most important piece of the Sun Machine, a machine which consists of a large solar dish and a part that condenses sunlight into a liquid form. What does Wing Nut do? He holds a lever in place.
  • In one path, Jersey Langston III tells Sam that his big problem is that his nose (Carrot from the first game) doesn't match his outfit.
    Carrot: Your problem is you need to get a bit of perspective. Think about the big picture!
  • Andrew the stapler in charge of office supplies will not give you any supply you ask for, except for the plot-relevant Employee of the Month ribbon or rubber band. His reasons range from "Those are for emergencies only!" to "Someone might need them!"
  • The Board members and the Chairman of the Board discussing questions for the employee quiz.
    Board Member: Okay. How about "Who played the monster in the original movie version of Frankenstein (1931)?"
  • When Sam, the newest member of the board, goes to the bathroom and leaves Carrot in charge...
    Carrot: Alright, listen up, 'cuz there's gonna be some changes around here...
    Chairman: Oh, dear.
  • When on the telephone in the lobby, dial 3 to reach the complaints department. You will not be disappointed.

You Are What You Eat From Your Head To Your Feet
  • Selma Celery's etiquette lesson. She begins with a list of pointers delivered rapid-fire and varying in ridiculousness (one of them is "do not draw on, poke holes in, or set fire to the tablecloth"). Then she shows Sam how to set the table with a dozen different utensils, including a golf club.