Funny / Packages from Planet X

  • Dan's reaction when he learn that the Somewhere-Elser sends everything to his room, which includes all the pigeon poop that he had to get rid of at the carnival.
  • Calamary falling for Troll's disguise via package, even though it only changed his face. This was even lampshaded by Copernicus.
  • Amanda realizing dan being smarter is probably due to a package. point proven as the package overheated and burns Dan pants
    Amanda: Liar, liar, your pants are literally on fire.
  • In "One for the Ages", when Dan and Troll turn themselves into senior citizens to eat for free at a buffet, Copernicus is sitted at a table nearby complaining that his soup isn't room temperature.
  • The beginning of the Dan clones versus Calamary clones