Funny / Overboard

  • Little Joey Proffitt's talking in Pee-Wee Herman's voice. The best part is that it was all improvised.
    "A falsetto child?"
  • When Andrew finally kicks Grant overboard.
    Andrew: (to Grant) I am giving my notice, sir.
    • Also a CMoA for Andrew.
    • It's also funny when you notice what Grant was trying to shoot them with: a giant suction-cup arrow.
  • Joanna's about to jump off the yacht and swim to Dean but Andrew grabs her hand.
    Andrew: Oh no Madam. I cannot let you do this.
    Annie: What?
  • "This is a job for Doctor Death!"
  • The ending to Dean's made-up tale of Arturo and Katarina.
  • "Eat your checkers!"
  • When Joanna tells Dean all the money and everything is hers and always was, Dean faints and falls off the rescue boat.
    • Also, the kids at the end. "How do you spell 'Porsche'?"
  • After Dean dunks "Annie" into the water barrel:
    "Annie": My life is like death. My children are the spawn of hell, and you are the Devil! Oh, God! (dunks head under water)
    Dean: (pulls her head out of the water) Baby, we like you.
  • As Joanna rambles about all her regained memories:
    Joanna: Money! I have lots of money! I even have some in Switzerland!
    Grant: Switzerland?
  • The young bridge member of the USCG vessel at the end of the movie is a small source of funny. His part begins when, after first setting out to catch the yacht, he is left looking through the manual for regulations regarding USCG vessels being used by love-sick men to chase down a woman. This is something his superior encouraged him to look up. He later gets a Take That! at the situation by, after being told to identify the yacht they find, responding that there's a fat man (Billy) in his way.
    "It's a hell of a day at sea, sir!"