Funny: Otogi Juushi Akazukin

  • Episode 2 - "(long pause)...woof".
  • Save the part about Souta's mother actually being a Nightmarian in disguise, Episode 24 is downright hilarious. Highlights include;
    • Shirayuki getting shot down hard as she attempts to proclaim her worth as Souta's bride, only to be told she has a horrible personality.
    • Randagio being so determined to catch Souta he turns out to have camped out in a tree for a week to accomplish the deed.
    • Ringo taking part in the pose shot with the rest of the Musketeers, complete with them counting to four. As it ends, the monster launches attacks and Ringo quickly scampers off, telling the group she'll let them handle the rest.
  • Episode 25 tops off the laughs with Gretel confronting Souta and a newly age regressed Shirayuki complete with ominous music and a Monster Of The Day on hand. In the face of this threat, the precocious five year old steps up and delivers this gem, complete with the dramatic music dying.
    Shirayuki: Hey! Apron Woman!
    Gretel: *Blinking incredulously* A-Apron woman!?