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Funny: Oracle of Tao
  • Much of the game is humor based on ShoutOuts to other concepts. For instance, Nevras looks a bit like a Cloud Expy. Guess how he plans to sneak into Delphi's all-female temple?
    • For that matter, it turned out not to even be necessary.
    Delphi: No need to disguise yourselves, I know there are men among you.
    Ambrosia: Then why the elaborate attempt to keep men out?
    Delphi: Because men in drag are hot!
  • There are some EasterEggs looking at the coding, some of which you'd never see, playing the game. For instance, there is an Infinity+1 Sword that is awarded to you at 100% probability after the last possible boss called the Final Sword. The item description says:
    Weapon you will never, ever get to use.
    Snake Dinner: Snake with potato fries, drenched in gravy. Wait...
  • Some of the more interesting Fairy Tales, including a Gender Flip version of Twilight, with the girl as the vampire. She is at risk for death due to incompatible blood during pregnancy, so then she's bitten by a human and turns mortal.
    • There's a faux-Harlequin novel in one of the shelves, with heavy science-fiction overtones. The story talks about how "slowly and seductively, starting with the feet" this guy kisses his girl. Only, her chest pops open and out pops a giant mantis monster which proceeds to eat him "slowly and seductively, starting with the feet"...
    • There's a Snowlems story. Snowmen freeze the city, except for the house of the person who created them.
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