Funny / Open Season 2

  • Elliot exaggerating Mr. Weenie's "kidnapping", by using one of the bunnies.
    Boog: Elliot, are you maybe putting a little bit too much on that?
    Elliot: Listen, Boog, I'm telling the story!
    • Ian showing his sympathy: "Sad story." "Tough break I miss him already."
    • The gang covering Mr. Weenie is whatever liquid they can use to slip him out of his collar.
    • "Close to You" starts with a truly horrible transition in from Elliot.
    • "I'm here to rescue my lady, kick butt, and take names. What's your name?" One Gilligan Cut later...
    • When Elliot goes in the wrong way
    Mcsqueezy: You're going the wrong way, you big daftie!
    Elliot Oh, thank you very much. It's a shortcuAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!
    • In The Trailer
      Elliot: I'm Okay!
    • Serge & Deni
    Serge That's a road! Not a landing strip!