Funny / Ōkami-san

  • At one point, Ringo starts talking about Ryoshi and Ryoko's relationship, from her point of view of course, and Ryoko responds in a way that's pretty funny:
  • Episode 8 has a particularly amusing moment after the credits run. Liszt, having been a willing accomplice to a Batman Gambit in a matchmaking arrangement that left most of the female cast with bruised egos, is now having to nurse those wounds by treating all the girls to copious amounts of sweets at the local bakery.
  • Anytime that the narrator in the dub were to make snarky remarks and comments in the episode:
    "Is 'dumplings' too subtle a metaphor? BREASTS!"
    • Episode 3 of the English dub. After the multiple censors this comes in :
      Narrator: That's it! We're going straight to DVD. There's no way this is suitable for TV.
    • In Episode 7, when Ryoko lost her memories and calls Ryoshi's name, he was daydreaming as he was very pleased about it. The Japanese narrator says he might have gone to heaven upon hearing it but the Eng dub narrator...
    Narrator: What?! You never heard anyone say your name before? Get a grip, Romeo!
    • And then when Ryoko gets amnesia and Ringo asks Ryoshi what's going on.
    Narrator: Nothing over here! Just a whacked-out time warp date thingy. No big! We'll talk later.