Funny / 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd

  • Just after Eddie is turned into a dog.
    Eddie: Wha what did you...
    The Drifter: I turned you into a dog, didn't you listen to my poem?
    • Justin's initial reaction to meeting Eddie again, this time as a dog.
    • "Spring me and I'll love yeh, heck I'll marry yeh!"
  • The opening of the episode "Dog Gone" has Eddie try to flavor his dog food with hot sauce.
    • Eddie's multiple attempts at good deeds.
  • Eddie chilling out in the house in "Dog Day Out".
    • Eddie getting the thermometer up the rear-front.
    • "Hey! My toilet's running!"
    • "It's a shame, because with the rude behavior and the vomiting? You would be a natural in France."
    • All of sedative idled Eddie.
  • "Air raid! Grab the veal and hide!"