Funny / Once Upon A Time Abridged

  • The whole fanfiction, mostly the RunningGags.
    • *Is trying not to imagine this*
      • "Oh, you made me imagine it !".
    • Hiiii Emma !
      • It just doesn't work as well when it's not Emma.
    • The children would look weird !
      • Daddy, they are gonna look awesome !
      • Our children won't be so weird-looking !
      • I will take care of our creepy children.
    • I have sustained my quota of making people cry for today !
      • You have been verbally disembodied by [Regina], welcome in town !
    • Lalalala
      • Oh, David ! (slams door)
      • "Lalalala " " Not gonna work !".
      • Lalalalaing together
    • Mr Gold's pictures coming from other series with Robert Carlyle.
    • I need you! I want you! I love you! I mixed you a CD!
    • *And the night was so clear that Charming’s screams were heard realm to realm*
    • RAWR !
    • TMI
  • Grumpy's reactions during the first episode.
  • Snow White is awake and everyone rejoices. When they are all moved to tears. She just wants to eat.
  • The whole of the Queen's introduction
    • We might have... missed !
    • That did it !
    • (Glares) (Smirks) ''Get used to it, these are her favorite looks' '.
    • I'm gonna be kind of slow about getting it done, but when I do it, you'll all be sorry.
  • Bedroom eyes / Is oblivious
  • I should have married Rumplestiltskin !
  • He just hit on you three times in that look. Here is a bribe. Please don't ever look at me like that.
    • Why do I feel like I need a shower ?
    • I can't guarantee anything. I'll try to restrain myself.
  • Regina's deadpan reactions to everything.
  • Henry's Indulgent Fantasy Segue, and Emma's insensitive reaction.
    Henry: I want a real childhood...
    Emma: Uh-uh...
    Henry: ... and a real poney...
    Henry: ... and a dragon...
    Emma: Uh-Uh...
    Henry: I am gonna tame it !
    Emma: Nice to have delusions !
  • It's a character that we've already seen, and whom we don't see in the town, and if you haven't guesses now, then, shame on you !
  • Emma's Roaring Rampage of Revenge in episode 2.
  • Rumplestiltskin and Archie's best-frienditude.
  • Charming tries to impress Abigail.
  • Mary Margaret's insensitive reaction when she discovers she will have a Love Interest, and Emma's first Not So Stoic reaction.
    Mary Margaret: If I have him, then I won't need a bestie !
    Emma: That... somehow... hurt !
  • Archie's Crowning Moment of Awesome in episode 5.
  • The Sheperd: David is a lousy husband.
  • Regina's scenes with Graham, and her mistake when choosing her look, glaring instead of smirking.
  • Rumplestltskin's Loser Protagonist status in Desperate Souls.
  • Danvers's introduction in 7:15 AM.
  • The Girl Night Out on Valentine's Day. The Wangst level gets unbearable even for Mary Margaret !
  • Rumple/Belle in Skin Deep untill the few last scenes.
  • Charming's encounter with the Stiltskinsirene... and the making out.
  • Abigail and Frederick bullying Charming seconds after he saved the latter's life for the other, after he risked his life for them, and his somewhat digner-than-usual departure.
  • Red, the badass werewolf appearing for the first time in chronological order in Red Handed... who happens to be a Valley Girl obsessed with bestying and sorority things.
    • Frosty the bestie !
    • Red Robyn !
    • Later on, are you bestiying behind her back ?
  • Anything involving Danvers The Dove, the evil mob-chief and dictator with powerful telekinetic powers who wants to use animal revolution to achieve world domination and is behind everything... and just happens to be a cute dove.
  • Mary Margaret on caffeine is not only funny because she is Mary Margaret or because of her caffeine craze. The sum of the parts is more than the parts themselves.
  • "I wonder how much of our old personalities remain..." "GLOMP Attack !" "Oh, crap, I am in trouble !".
  • Aurora/Mulan. All of it.
    • "Who [did 100 awesome things for you]" (Phillip doesn't answer ) "I guess this isn't going to be me. "
  • Little Snow White's evilness when Regina teaches her how to braid hair.
    • Snow White's mean snark.
      • "Really blew up that decorating budget, didn't you ?"
    • And Regina's answers.
      • I wonder how you would react to GIRL SCOUTS !
  • MUAHAHA ! I mean... Your friend, she's hurt.
  • She's a lot less evil than the last time I saw her. And more manic.
  • Emma's Inner Monologue. Hook's Inner monologue.
  • The origins of Mary Margaret in Child Of The Moon.
  • The origins of "MY SWEET BABOO !"
  • Princesses bantering :
    • Snow, this is your side of the world, Aurora, this is your side of the world.
    • Why is Mulan on Aurora's side ? Damsel in Distress privilege !
    • SAVAGE ! I'll show you SAVAGE !
  • The Rumplestiltskin / Mad Hatter / Frankenstein scene in The Doctor, from Jefferson's monologue on rope burns to this line:
    Rumplestiltskin: "As long as there are women to have and men to mock! Wait—no, I said it right."
  • "Why are you always so complicated ?" "Because being overly complicated is the only way you'll notice me !"
  • Emma and Mary Momgret's reunion with the others.
  • "It's not Rumplestiltskin's !" "Someone has written "Please return to Rumplestiltskin, if found...""
  • Archie and his dog's relationship : "Brown pants will come back !" (disapproving look)
    • Freedom !
  • Emma's Heroi BSOD when spoiler: Rumplestiltskin "breaks up" with her.
    Emma: The place in my heart that used to be filled with disgust will be filled with emptiness.
  • 2x15's flashback.
    • The evil Good Parents dynamic with Eva.
    • The simple thought of Eva/Hook.
    • Mrs Patmore's tentative to run off.
  • Wendy. All of it.