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Funny: On Her Majesty's Secret Service
  • "This never happened to the other fellow."
  • The janitor's whistling of Goldfinger
  • Looks like that mook in the hotel room threw the fight!
  • Same mook is applauding the bride and groom at the end!
  • "Moneypenny, what would I do without you?"
  • GASP! "Fancy meeting you here, Fräulein!" (whack to the head afterwards)
  • Bond scheduling an encounter with a different girl every hour. That's how he got caught.
  • Ruby gazing and giggling when Bond dropped his kilt in her room.
    It's true!
  • "Sir Hillary" feeling a the shoulder at the table.
  • "Sir Hillary" describing to Fräulein Bunt what her name stands for.
  • "I got the gadgets and I know how to use them."
  • "I know what he's allergic to..."
  • "He had a lot of guts."
  • Bond casually flipping through the target's Playboy while he waits for a safecracker to work. At one point the scene cuts back to Bond as he folds up the centerfold with a smile on his face.....and then he opens it up again after glancing at the cracker.
    • And then as he leaves after sending out the stolen documents, he's seen folding up the stolen centrefold of the Playboy to take with him.
  • Blofeld's "I have taught you to love chickens" line while brainwashing Ruby.
  • The teenagers yelling, "Say it with flowers!" when they drove past Bond's Aston Martin, all covered in white flowers.
  • "But today's the fourteenth, Commander."

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