Funny / Olivia Tennet

  • During an interview on New Zealand's Channel 2 show The Hub, Olivia partakes in some silly games, including singing the first verse to "God Defend New Zealand" with an orange slice in her mouth.
  • In a 2008 magazine interview, Olivia recounts a funny story.
    "I was once dropped off by one of my mates and, do not ask me why... but when he drove off, instead off[sic] waving, I began clapping!!! What the ???... Hope he didn't get the wrong idea..."
  • The blooper reel from the episode "And . . . Action!" from Power Rangers RPM, especially when Olivia's accent slips after flubbing some lines.
  • Although not directly related to Olivia, the opening night for the Peach Theatre Company's production of The Wizard of Oz had a pig on stage, and it peed massively.
  • From the Shortland Street "Naughty Shorty" special: In one scene, it was Olivia's turn to say her lines, but her mind went completely blank. She and everyone else on set started Corpsing.