Funny: Oliver & Company

  • When Oliver chases down Dodger to the gang's hideout, he overhears Dodger's exaggerated tale of how they got the hotdogs, with Oliver portrayed as a "creepy, ugly psychotic monster". Oliver gets too into the story and ends up falling off the roof in the midst of the gang. After the initial shock, the dogs start questioning Oliver and threatening him until he points out that he knows Dodger, who immediately confirms it. The dogs then immediately warm up to Oliver and start taking the piss out of Dodger about the "vicious monster" and the fact that Dodger had a cat help him get hot dogs.
  • Somewhat Blink-and-You'll-Miss-It, but during the "Why Should I Worry" segment, after Oliver gets sprayed with water and Dodger shakes the water off his body, there's a cut to Oliver after he gets blow-dried by a vent in the sidewalk. Just try not to laugh.
  • "If dis is torture... chain me to da WALL!"
    • "Hey man you're ugly! And you're uglier than him! And you're ugly part 3!...Hey! You're Revenge of the Ugly!"
    • Let's just cut to the chase: ANYTHING Tito says is a CMOF.
  • "Fagin! *big smile* Did we bring something green and wrinkly to make me happy?"
  • The scene near the end where Tito runs out of Jenny's house wearing a cute little captain's outfit.
  • Francis' muttering "Balderdash!" to Georgette whining about breaking a nail, immediately followed by Tito angrily demanding, "What'd you call my woman, man?!"