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Funny: Okage
Most of this entire game. Stan's entire dialogue is incredibly funny, and just many of the animations and scenarios the game brings up fall squarely into this.
  • Also, the entire opening dialogue for the Sewer Evil King fight.
    Sewer Evil King: What are you, the queen of rude from the country of rude?!
  • At one point, Stan slides under a locked door to commit evil. When he returns...
    Stan: I hid their doormat! Now how are guests supposed to know they're welcome?!
    • Later, you meet an NPC who's been having a bad day...
      NPC: Today has been horrible. First my girlfriend dumps me, now I can't find my doormat... Why does the world hate me?
  • Let Kisling fall in battle and watch what he does: he falls over, and (Still very conscious) places one of his books on his face and proceeds to take a nap. He just couldn't give a crap.
  • Near the end of the game, Epros gives a rather flowery and prolonged speech that describes how, despite most of the team being mortal enemies, they would work together against the common foe. One of the selectable responses to this speech (all of it was in rhyme, as per his Verbal Tic), is "Do you rehearse before you speak?"
  • Ari gets a lot of hilariously snarky dialogue if you choose to let him speak it. Like this gem from when you rescue Marlene from the Aquatic Ruins and she tries to force you to polish her shoes.
    Ari: I don't think Hell's frozen over yet.
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