Funny / October Sky

  • The boy's first "Rocket" attempt basically amounted to making a powerful fire cracker, so strong that it not only blew the fence it was perched on apart, but it blew the boys off of their feet and onto the ground.
  • The montage (set to Yakkity Yak) when the Rocket Boys are trying to perfect their rockets. Every single one of them blows up for at least five to ten solid minutes. The funniest though is when one comes down intact and the boys become proud and excited... then it blows up.
  • In science class after Quentin and Homer dump their new rocket fuel down the sink. Then a girl throws a match down the sink.
  • An amusing scene occurs when Homer goes to talk to Quentin about their problem with the math used for the rockets...and he ends up getting directions to his house from a prostitute.
  • After Homer absolves himself and the Rocket Boys of starting the fire, Roy celebrates by butchering Quentin's catchphrase, "Prodigious!"
    Roy: [Grinning] Predigenous!
    [Quentin stares at him, confused]