Funny / Northland Series

  • Drake provides a lot of these. Some examples: "REINDEER PISS?"; All of the attempts to obtain Hammerspace: "Why are you tied up?"; and not least, the rules for which songs to sing at a wedding: "Roses in May" is an appropriate song. "Janka se Serram" is not. Dancing on a table and miming it is absolutely forbidden.
    • ANY bits we hear of "Janka se Serram." Just one example: "Drake, about a yard from unconsciousness, was sputtering feebly about the intriguing (and, in my estimation, very painful) way Janka se Serram swept the floor."
  • The Trolls That Sort Rocks.
    • "These rocks move, Aa!"
  • "Can you direct me to the filthiest tavern in town?" It WORKS.
  • "Duuuuuude!"
  • Also, the nonstop Who's on First? joke with Shash's name.
    • To elaborate, every time someone says "Shash!" addressing the man, Drake innocently says "I wasn't saying anything!"
    • Even better, Shash joins in on the joke, saying "Yes?" any time someone says "Shush!", even when it was clearly intended as "Shut up!"
    • All of which leads to a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming when close to the final battle, Otsi says "I wasn't saying anything!" when the opportunity comes, after Drake is dead. Especially since they had been very Vitriolic Best Buds, this counts for a posthumous Aww, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other moment.
  • "With nothing in particular to do, we began some round singing. Soon Mikki opened his eyes and announced that none of us were the legitimate offspring of our parents, and that if this racket continued he would hang...someone."
  • "He looked like he'd never even met a soap."
  • This:
    Mikki: "I am going to sink that man's boat."
    Moddi: "You can actually sink boats?"
    Mikki: "With a properly big hammer, yes I can."
  • Also:
    “Where can we find Koschei’s lair??”
    “Not far, not near, not high, and not low. Beyond thrice nine lands, in the thrice tenth kingdom. East of the sun and west of the moon. Underground, at the bottom of the sea, in the realm of the accursed- ”
    Talk sense.
    “He has a small castle on Mount Ryzhokha, a little east of the peak,” Petrovich answered sulkily.