Funny / North to Alaska

  • The whole fight scene in the bar near the begining of the film. From the Cuckoo-Clock smacking one man on his head, to Billy being rolled out on a beer barrel.
  • Lars and Lena Nordquist, during the picnic.
    Sam: This is my old friend Lena Nordquist.
    Angel: (speaks quitly, and very nervous) How do you do, Mrs Nordquist?
    Sam: Well, come on, come on! There's nothing to fear. She's half-human. (Lena gives Sam a dirty look)
    • The best parts' near the end of the day, after everybody had filled themselves with a "large" amount of beer.
    Annoncer: Now, we make another toast to the finest boss, the loggers ever had! He's always treatin' the loggers like gentelmen! Lars Nordquist!
    Larrs Nordquist: (everyone looks over to Lars, only to see that he's already passed out)
    Lena Nordquist: To the finest boss, uh... the loggers, uh... He will have to pass.
    • It gets better with Angel, when it's Sam's turn for congrates, and he falls unconcious.
    Angel: I'm afraid the Paul Bunyan of the pole climbers will have to pass.
  • When Sam goes to rescue George and another group of gold miners from some claim jumpers. He starts looking around for a way to out maneuver the claim jumpers, then accidentaly falls into a cart and starts to roll down the hill, right at them.
    Sam McCord: OH, NO!
  • When George is carrying three fresh bottles of champagne to Jenny's cabin singing and acting goofy.
    Billy: Now see what you did?
    Sam: (sarcasticly) Well what did I did?!
    Billy: You have Michelle so confused that she don't know what she's doing, and now George is over there with my girl!
    Sam: (disgusted) Ohhhhhh!!!
    • Also...
    Billy: Sam?
    Sam: Yes, Billy?
    Billy: How do you feel when you're jealous?
    Sam: Well, how should I know?!
    Billy: Well, I'm jealous!
    Sam: Oh, where's that whiskey?
  • During George and Angel's scheme to get Sam jealous. Especially near the end when he finally starts to crack.
    Angel: George, I'm so nervous!
    George: It wont be long now. He's in his silent period. I saw him once like this before when somebody had stolen his favorite horse.
    • Then George gets Angel to laugh tickleing her, and making Sam angrey enough to come to the cabin. ...Which he does, and just as he charges at the opens for him.
    George: I was only saving the door, Sam.
  • The whole fight scene at the end of the movie.