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Funny: Norse Mythology

  • The Lay of Thrym. All of it. Mjölnir is stolen by the frost giant Thrym, who demands Freyja's hand in marriage as a ransom. Naturally, the gods turn to resident Trickster Loki for an answer. His solution? Get Thor to pose as Freyja. So, Thor and Loki travel to Jotunheim for the wedding, and it falls to Loki to explain the blushing bride's odd behaviour. 'Freyja' devours a whole ox? She's been so excited about her wedding, she hasn't eaten in a week. Her eyes are filled with fire? It's fine - she hasn't slept in a week either. Thrym demands his men to bring Mjölnir in to bless the bride, but this is too much for Thor and he seizes his hammer... and kills everyone in the room, but by the moral standards of the Aesir it's OK to do that if they're giants. Nowhere in the Poetic Edda does it mention Thor shedding his disguise, so one must picture a huge, hairy man beating people up in a dress. You've got to wonder how Loki explained the beard...
    • Perhaps Loki said "It's okay, she hasn't shaved in a week either."
    • Even better: in at least one version, it was Heimdall's idea to put Thor in drag, and Loki happily volunteered to be the bridesmaid.
      • Not so much "in at least one version" as "in the original poem we've got on the subject." Various retellings assign the idea to Loki, which is probably understandable, but I don't think we have a Norse source where that happens.
    • You know, if Freyja had gone along with it, she might not have looked any less alarming. She apparently shook Asgard when she lost her temper over the suggestion in the first place.
    • "Then the feast began. Thor, not noticing that what he did was unbecoming to a refined maiden, ate eight salmon right away. Loki nudged him and pressed his foot, but he did not heed Loki. After the salmon he ate a whole ox."
  • There's that thing about Thor kicking a dwarf into his brother's pyre.
  • I can't be the only one who thought Balder's death-by-mistletoe is hilarious.
    • My first thought was "Mistletoe- It's super effective!"
    • The gods making a game out of throwing things at Balder and watching them bounce off is funny as hell, too. I have to admit, if one of my friends became immortal that's what I'd do.
      • It's more like a Fae Contract, they forgot to ask something not to harm him, and it bit the other gods in the butts. Also, it's food dependent immortality for the gods. How immortality works for departed souls is not really explained. The Æsir are kind of dumb about their fae contracts.
    • It becomes signifiantly less stupid when one realises that Gesta Danorum pretty much suggests that it was a sword that killed himnote . However, Gesta Danorum Balder is hilarious because he's basically the Norse god version of Gaston.
  • The tale of how Loki won the hand of Sigyn. Let's just say it's NSFW, and involves rope and a goat.
    • Sigyn? Wasn't that tale about having to make Skadi laugh to compensate for the death of her father Thiazzi?
  • The gods made a wager with an unnamed builder to build them a fortress in a specified period of time, in return for a great treasure, and the hand of Freyja, by some accounts. To get out of paying the treasure, they turn to Loki, who transformed himself into a mare, to lure away the builder's draft-horse. Long story short, Loki found himself pregnant by the draft horse, and later gave birth to Sleipnir, the eight-legged steed that Odin rode across the sky
  • Freyr's predicament. He gave away his sword to bang a giantess... and that left him weaponless. What does he do? Beat up people with a reindeer antler.

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