Funny / Noises Off

  • The slapstick is quite possibly the epitome of Hilarity Ensues. "Ballcocks governor! Your ballcocks are gone!".
  • "I'm just checking a few measurements...I mean going into a few things...doing one or two odd jobs..."
  • Lloyd ripping off Poppy's skirt.
  • The part where Phillip's pants are down while he's trying to explain to Flavia what's going on.
  • "Sardines, I've forgotten the sardines—" (notices the plate next to her on the table) "No I haven't, I remembered the sardines. Well what a surprise! I guess I'll go into the kitchen and make meself some more sardines to celebrate."
  • "I thought you was in...Sardinia!"
  • "Am I in Spain? No I'm not in Spain, I'm in agony, that's where I am!"
  • Then there's the entire second act, which follows the complex (and nearly wordless) mayhem going on backstage during a performance.