Funny / Nimona

  • Noelle's commentary at the bottom of each page is, as a general rule, hilarious. It ranges from yelling at Nimona's antics, to anticipating the readers' confusion, to observations on how Goldenloin "runs like an idiot".
    • Similarly, the comments section is a gold mine.
  • I'm not a kid.
  • Goldenloin's very first line onscreen:
  • Nimona's idea of restraint: Transforming into a cat and jumping from a table to Ballister's head to the top of the fridge with a soda can in her mouth.
  • While listening to Nimona's tragic backstory, Ballister gets hung up on the witch' problem-solving methods.
    Nimona: The spell was slippery. She wasn't a very good witch.
    Ballister: Well, I'd guessed that much from her brilliant plan of "get out of the hole by turning the six-year-old into a dragon".
    Nimona: Will you please shut up about that?
    • This becomes even funnier - in a decidedly morbid way - when you read it again with the knowledge that Nimona made that story up. To her, Ballister wasn't just interrupting, he was criticizing her storytelling skills.
  • On ordering pizza:
    Nimona: C'mooon, there's NOTHING edible in your fridge.
    Ballister: There are some genetically modified anchovies in the -
    Nimona: NO.
  • Goldenloin's excuse for not telling the Director that the kingdom's most infamous supervillain had hired a shapeshifter: "It's only a little one."
  • Nimona almost crushes Ballister's metal arm when he brings up "running some tests" on her powers. She then turns away, glaring, and gets distracted immediately:
    Nimona: Ooh, what's that? Does it KILL PEOPLE? CAN I TRY IT?
  • Nimona sneaks into the Institution news station, impersonates an anchorwoman and exposes the jaderoot plot on live television... and then just keeps talking.
    Anchor!Nimona: Coming up next, an exposé on Sir Goldenloin's codpiece! What's he hiding under there? Does he really expect us to believe that his junk is THAT impressive?
  • Nimona and Ballister watch a zombie movie. Ballister is completely confused that Nimona of all people is the one that hates scary movies.
    • While they're watching, Ballister, in true Mad Scientist fashion, keeps pointing out plot holes in the movie. He says that zombies are a completely inefficient minion, and not effective to boot, with the heavy implication that he's tried it before.
  • I'M LEAVE!
  • Nimona's adorable reaction to the question "How would you feel about robbing a bank?"
    • The Rant: "Bank robbery! NOW it's a party!"
  • Nimona Christmas Special is both this and a Crowning Moment Of Heart Warming. "Did you nail my socks to the fireplace?"
  • Ballister and Nimona yelling over each other while he tries to carry her to the lab to treat her bleeding leg.
  • "You're gonna need to put on this fake beard."
  • Ballister: You know what would be REALLY helpful?
    • Even better, a little kid walks into the tent and calls, "Ma! There's a crazy old hobo here talking to a cat!" And Ballister actually tries to explain himself.
  • A number of the signs at the science fair, which include "ROBOT FIGHT" and "DANGEROUS LASER LIGHT SHOW".
  • The revelation that knights choose their own names... which means "Sir Ambrosius Goldenloin" picked out that name for himself. There's also a Sir Mansley Girthrod, meaning half of the known knights in the comic deliberately made themselves sound like porn stars.
    • It's been suggested he meant to name himself "Goldenlion", but someone misspelled it. Whoops.
  • There's one last funny moment before a long stretch of fairly heartbreaking scenes, and it's a gem. After being caught by the guards, Ballister resorts to screwing with Goldie's head:
    Goldenloin: Not so clever after all, are you? You thought you were setting a trap for us, but all along it was a trap for you!
    Ballister: Ah well, you got me. Good job.
    Goldenloin: ...We DID get you.
    Ballister: You did. You've done very well.
    Goldenloin: Is this another trap?
    Ballister: (with a hilarious smile on his face) I just want you to feel proud of yourself!