Although most known for its creepy atmosphere, ''NightmareNed'' can also be hilarious at times.



[[folder: TV Show]]
[[AC:Ned's Life as a Dog]]
* The moment when we see Ned had transformed into a small, white dog instead of a wolf like the sounds he was making and his expression when he realizes it. Also, when he begins to chase after Conrad and Vernon whom have turned into giant cats, plus the reaction by the cat pinned to the wall.

[[folder: Video Game]]

[[AC:Graveyard Nightmare]]
* The actions and expressions of the green ghosts can be quite hilarious, especially a ghost with a strange, lovestruck expression playing an accordion.

[[AC:Medical Nightmare]]
* The Uvula Song; a giant, classy-dressed uvula singing show tunes to living tooth men inside of a giant mouth.

[[AC:Alcatraz Elementary School]]
* Just as Ned's principal begins to laugh maniacally when he thinks that his furious parents have come to take him home, he is cut short as two other, unfamiliar adults come in and scold the principal for ever thinking their son "Max" would ever do anything wrong and subsequently escort Ned out of the room. The principal's expression was priceless.
** Some of the messages the Principal gets when he's calling all different phone numbers trying to contact Ned's parents.
* [[ The teacher's song]] as Ned makes his way through the blackboard maze. It is amazing.

[[AC:Bathroom Nightmare]]

[[AC:Attic, Basement, and Beyond Nightmare]]
* In a delightfully morbid bit of background detail, one part of the attic has several pieces of furniture in storage, wrapped tightly with paper and string. One of them is a stuffed chair. With a little old lady still in it.
* If Ned lights a lamp before walking behind a curtain, one of three scenes will occur in silhouette:
** Ned dancing with a floating dress.
** Ned getting attacked by a chair (arguably the least funny of the three).
** Ned shaking hands with WesternAnimation/MickeyMouse, who laughs and exclaims, "Gosh!"