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Funny: Niels
  • The Jungle Fever series, to start.
  • PLING!
  • Too much vagina in my face!
  • Anything that involves Robert.
  • This conversation between 300 and 250, after 250 has blabbered drunkenly about his past:
    300: The main thing I detected from all that is that you're rather drunk right now and not fit to make reasonable decisions. So is it okay if I go hit on your daughter?
    250: Knock yourself out. I gotta warn you though, I love her more than anything in the world, but that little bitch is a man-eater.
  • God. Just... God.
    • From the blog text under one of the comics:
      Yeah, it all started with Jesus when he said "God is loving and forgiving" and God was like "What? Since when?"
  • Britney's face faults in Lifted Curse.
  • "And there were so. Many. Penises!" "There were two." "Well, that is double the amount I'm used to!"
  • *SLAM!*
  • "Be honest with yourself. What did you think your kid would be like?" *Beat Panel* "...He would have two heads." "Don't try to be funny. This is serious. He would have at least three."
  • When Niels names Magnus. "It's cute in Danish, but the way Americans pronounce it you're going to sound like a super villain!" He just looks so gleeful about it.
  • "I really like your dresses. They're so pretty." / "Don't rub it in".
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