Funny / Nicki Minaj

  • Her rant involving being bossed up and pickle juice in "My Time Now".
    • "I'm a human beeeiiiiiiinnnnnnnggggggggggg!!"
    • What makes that even better is that at the end of that rant she says "Don't use this, it'll make me look stupid".
    • Oddly enough, though, many people felt it had the opposite effect.
  • "Excuse me, I'm sorry, I'm really such a lady" RIGHT AFTER she just got finished cursing the person out.
  • Her rant that interrupts "Itty Bitty Piggy":
    "Whoa, whoa, okay, okay, whoa, whoa Holiday wait... hold on, hold on, Holiday! You can't give it to em dry like that! You gotta get that shit wet first n*** like c'mon now! You gotta prep them for shit like that they can't just get that shit right off da to- like you gotta bring that shit back, bring that shit the fuck back!"
    • Itty Bitty Piggy is full of these, another big one being "I'm Nicki Minaj, Nicki Lewinsky, Nicki the Ninja, Nicki the Boss, Nicki the Harajuku Barbie..."
  • The clean version of "Anaconda" changes "pussy put his ass to sleep" to "cookie put his butt to sleep". That's funny, by itself, but then you listen to it a little closer, and apparently Nicki Minaj herself thought so too, because you can hear her laughing when she gets to "butt".