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Funny: Never Where
  • Vandemar is less than impressed with Croup's razorblade skills - I mean, he misses every one of his own fingers and hits the spaces in between! Lucky Croup's got Vandemar to show him how to chuck a blade. Dead on target, into his own hand.
  • Richard having to maintain his dignity with nothing but a face-washer when a real estate agent and his clients barge into the bathroom while he's having a bath. Lucky for his decency, he's basically totally invisible to Abovers at this point.
  • From the BBC 2013 Christmas radio adaptation, Richard says that a stressed out Jessica apparently makes 'Croup and Vandemar look like Jedward.'
  • From the radio play, Neil Gaiman is The Fop with No Name. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Again in the radio play, Vandemar gets annoyed by Croup calling him 'a stout fellow'.
    Vandemar: I'm not fat.
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