* Neptune and her friends beat up Black Heart for the something-th time in a row. Then this dialogue happens (this is paraphrased a bit):
--> '''Neptune''': Ha! You can't beat us! We fight for justice!
--> '''IF''': Yeah. Three on one. Such justice.
* Early in Lastation, a story quest involves finding a child that has gotten lost somewhere. Compa then says something so unexpected in regards to something that has never been brought up before that it can't help but be funny (therefore, the joke isn't that funny if you're expecting it, but still.):
--> '''Neptune''': What's this kid look like?
--> '''Compa''': [[spoiler:The mom said her/his body is just an NPC silhouette so she/he should be easy to spot.]]
* Jade (a minor NPC) and his [[DeathAsComedy death]] at the hands of Magiquone/Arfoire is THIS.
-->'''Neptune''': Oh, yep. Death flag triggered. I kinda guessed he was one of those gonna-die-[=NPCs=] when I met him. Is he okay?
-->'''IF''': [[MoodDissonance H-How can you act like that when someone is dying?]] Compa, can't you do something?
-->'''Compa''': [[CrowningMomentOfFunny I wish I could, but I can't do anything about a triggered flag or a bad ending route he chose...]]
** The kicker?
-->'''Jade''': I'm a member of the Guild. I live on Leanbox, but I don't follow Lady Green Heart...
-->'''Neptune''': ...Why're you telling me now? What's up with this?
-->'''Jade''': [[TooDumbToLive I... I'm into girls... like... Lady White Heart.]]
-->'''IF''': ...And that's that. You finished him off.
-->'''Neptune''': Oops. Well, that was for ruining the moment.
* Using Neptune's ultimate attack, CPU Neptune, summons a ship that fires a giant laser onto the enemy. Said giant laser also consumes the entire land mass and looks like it's destroying it too. However, in the bottom-right of the screen there is a disclaimer of, "This is not actually happening."
* The beginning of the game where Blanc refers to Vert as "[[GagBoobs Thunder Tits]]". This nickname has been kept in later releases, especially in ''Victory''.

* The beginning of the final chapter of the second game where [[spoiler: the four Hearts are ''still'' arguing about which game system is the best while the four Sisters get along so well.]]
* Compa's feast Chirper event is a mix of funny and heartwarming. It starts with the other girls explaining why they've never needed to learn how to cook and goes from there.
-->'''IF''': I'm glad Compa's on our side. It's great we can eat like this, even when we're on the road.
-->'''5pb.''': Yes, I was surprised at how delicious Compa's cooking is. It hits all the right notes!
-->'''Compa''': Teehee. Are you buttering me up?
-->'''IF''': I think it's more surprising that [[FeminineWomenCanCook Compa is the only girl here who can cook a decent meal.]]
-->'''Nepgear''': Um, IF, you can't cook either.
-->'''IF''': I don't need to. I'm the breadwinner. I live to work.
-->'''Gust''': I have lots of work as alchemist.
-->'''5pb.''': I'm a pop star, so...
-->'''Nisa''': The heroine of justice subsists only on the crushed dreams of evil!
-->'''Nepgear''': That doesn't sound nutritious...
-->'''Compa''': All right, everyone. The food will get cold if we keep talking.
-->'''Nisa''': Yeah, I'm going to dig in.
-->'''Nepgear''': Mmmm. It's as tasty as ever.
-->'''Gust''': Nomnomnom... Compa would be a good housewife.
-->'''Compa''':[[SweatDrop Th-That's embarrassing.]] I'm a nurse, too.
-->'''Nisa''': Allow me to become your husband!
-->'''IF''': ...Stupid.
-->'''5pb.''': I'd want a wife like Compa, too. It'd be easy to write songs about her.
-->'''IF''': ...Dammit all.
-->'''Gust''': No, no. I will take her. Gust will shower her with devotion.
-->'''IF''': S-Stop this stupid debate, everyone! Can't you see that Compa's all mine!?
-->'''Nepgear, Nisa, Gust, 5pb.''': ...
-->'''IF''': [[OhCrap Tch, crap!]] N-No! What I meant to say was...
-->'''Compa''': [[HeartSymbol Oh, dear.]] Iffy, you really are...
-->'''Nisa''': The heroine's closet has creaked open.
-->'''Gust''': Lovey-Dovey.
-->'''Nepgear''': I honestly didn't suspect at all...
-->'''5pb.''': U-Um, well... please invite me to sing at your wedding...
-->'''IF''': [[ShesNotMyGirlFriend D-Dammit! I'm trying to tell you that isn't what I meant to say!]]
* In the [[HotSpringsEpisode 'Obligatory hot spring event']], Gust compares and ranks the breast sizes of some of the playable characters, sans herself, and places Nisa in last place after a pane of glass
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnoEdoR2b50&feature=related 5pb's 2nd concert in-game]]. That is all.

* [[CallBack The beginning of the game. You will NOT see that one coming.]]
* Neptune lampshading that she's back at level 1 from level 99 while [[CrutchCharacter Nepgear's at level 10]].
* During the conversation between Neptune, Noire and Plutia when Neptune [[spoiler:first goes to Planetune in the 80's]], Neptune claims [[spoiler: Noire has no friends]]. Both Noire and Plutia's reactions to this are priceless. Funnier is Neptune's reaction after she finds out [[spoiler: Noire DOES have friends]].
* Anytime Iris Heart is on the screen. ''Anytime''.
** Special mention goes to her first scene, where she politely asks the villain present to wait while she torments her party members for a bit. After an... ''intense'' set of bargaining, she eventually thanks the villain for her patience. Said villain admits she just didn't want to have a yard of [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything what was going on]].
* Pirachu called Arfoire "OBAHAN" and thus made her mad.
** In English, the lines were more generic "old hag" insults that still spark her ire, but lack the same impact... until Pirachu tells Plutia Arfoire is only so cranky because she's menopausal.
*** This doubles as a CallBack to the first game when IF made a comment about menopause when Arfoire first appeared.
* Plutia questions why you don't have to travel through a dungeon in order to reach another nation in Neptune's world.
-->'''Neptune''': Yeah, we retconned that.
** Shortly thereafter, they comment that things would be so much easier if Noire built a road connecting the nations directly, only to hear Histoire yelling that they should do something about it... and then remember Histoire is nowhere near them right now. They were so lazy ''their own subconscious'' yelled at them to get something done. ''In unison.''
* ''This'' exchange:
--> '''Nep''': (comparing Blanc and Plutia) And when it comes to HDD, yours is so much crazier.
-->'''Plutia''': Awww, I'm always really nice...
-->'''Nep:''' [[OverlyLongGag No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,]] you're not.
* When Noire, Neptune, and Blanc see Plutia holding baby IF, Compa, and Peashy, they ''all'' immediately assume she was pregnant during their absence and the children belong to her. Their overreactions are hilarious, right down to Neptune starting to recite the numerals of pi.
* "Booby Milk!"
--> "Kids sure do say the darnedest things."
* ''[[ItMakesSenseInContext A self-aware tutorial.]]'' That is all.
-->''Nepgear gains the “Emo” Affinity!''\\
'''Neptune:''' The game system popped some kind of window up! What’s an "Emo Affinity"?\\
''Glad you asked. By worrying about her lack of personality, Nepgear acquired a "Learning Ability."''\\
''Depending on the situation she finds herself in, she may learn various other unhelpful things.''\\
''That is to say, these don’t affect the game in any way.''\\
'''Neptune:''' Whoa, a self-aware tutorial window responded to me!
* When Yellow Heart first appears, both Vert and Blanc agree to take her out, so Vert can have the largest chest among the [=CPUs=] again.
** In case you're wondering, Noire complains so much until Plutia gets fed up, transforms into Iris Heart and teaches her a lesson, resulting in breaking Noire. This continues even in the Basilicom, where Noire still sounds like a BrokenRecord, while Plutia is rather... satisfied.
--->'''Plutia:''' Ehehe. [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything I gave Noire some good service]]... Yummmmm! I'm so full now!
* At the start of Chapter 10, [[spoiler: you ''[[TerribleArtist will see the drawings]]''.]] '''[[ActorAllusion Thank you]] Creator/YuuKobayashi.'''
* The start of the Good Ending. [[spoiler: [[ButtMonkey Nepgear]] gets left behind in the alternate Gamindustri.]]
* Any scene involving [[TheChewToy Nepgear]] as soon as she arrives in Alternate Gamindustri. Poor girl just can't catch a break.
* [[InsaneTrollLogic (Noire Logic)]] [[SuperPoweredEvilSide Plutia HDD]] -> [[CurbStompBattle we win]] -> Planeptune citizens see [[{{Sadist}} Sadie]] -> [[GoMadFromTheRevelation freak]] -> [[MissingStepsPlan Lastation wins]]!
** YMMV on this one since this is the part where fans, especially the ones who trust the NISA translations think that Noire is a back stabber to her friend.
* Three Words : Please Stand By!!!
* How Neptune and Plutia explain the situation so that Nepgear can turn into a CPU in Alternate Gamindustri: (just like the example with the NPC silhouette above, this shall be with spoiler tags)
--> '''Neptune:''' [[spoiler: Well... Uh, okay. Yadda-yadda-yadda...]]
--> '''Plutia:''' [[spoiler: Blah-de-blah-de-blah-blah-''blah''...]]
** The kicker? Vert ''understood all that''.
--> '''Blanc:''' What a convenient language.
* Neptune: Five hours later... [[spoiler: turns out it was only thirty minutes passed by.]]
* Neptune casually BreakingTheFourthWall with the other party members tell her to stop breaking it already.
* After Neptune comes back from Leanbox and Nepgear is depressed because her sister left her behind, Neptune tries to make her feel better by saying she loves her. Also remember that IF and Peashy are still babies at this point.
-->'''Neptune:''' Nepgear! I, Neptune, your big sister... looooooves you!\\
'''Nepgear:''' ...Huh?\\
'''Plutia:''' Oh, my! [[IncestSubtext Incestual confessions]]!\\
''(*Neptune and Nepgear continue to confess their love to each other*)''\\
'''IF:''' ...Dis is hawt.\\
'''Peashy:''' Ooh, lovey-dovey sistahs.
* While trying to make sense of Mr. Badd's 'daughters' and where they came from, Neptune [[InsaneTrollLogic comes to a conclusion]]. The fact that she says it with a >‿< expression on her face only makes it better:
-->'''Neptune:''' Nope, I got it! You’re a hermaphrodite! You sowed and reaped your own seed!

!! Anime/HyperdimensionNeptuniaTheAnimation
* [[Funny/HyperdimensionNeptuniaTheAnimation See here.]]

!! VideoGame/HyperdimensionNeptuniaReBirth1
* Near the beginning of the game, Neptune and Compa revisit the place Neptune crash landed. Neptune tries to joke and gets told off for it.
-->'''Compa:''' Nep-Nep, did you lose anything by chance? Maybe an ID or anything?\\
'''Neptune:''' I wish, but you know, I can't remember anything so... hey, wait... I do remember something I'm missing!\\
'''Compa:''' Really?! What is it?\\
'''Neptune:''' Well, that's obvious...\\
'''Compa:''' Obvious...?\\
'''Neptune:''' My memory!\\
'''Compa:''' ...\\
'''Neptune:''' Um... wasn't that... funny?\\
'''Compa:''' Nep-Nep, I don't think now is the time to be fooling around...
* Right before a boss fight, after Compa has been grabbed by the boss -
-->'''Neptune:''' Oh no, Compa! She's being *censored* and *censored*!\\
'''Compa:''' I'm not being *censored*! I'm just off-screen, Nep-Nep!
* While Noire and Neptune are looking for Lastation's legendary weapon -
-->'''Neptune:''' Who knows? Maybe it's legendary in the sense that it's an evil sword! [[VideoGame/HyperdimensionNeptuniamk2 And I bet that it grows in power the more goddesses it kills. It's the legendary cursed sword, known as Geha-]]\\
'''Neptune:''' Ouch!\\
'''Noire:''' [[SelfDeprecation We seeded trauma into some people who went through that, so stop it.]]
* IF uses the fights against some fake Purple Hearts as a opportunity for some stress relief. Neptune naturally feels uneasy by it.