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Funny: Neo Pets
  • The end of the editorial of January 21st
    '''TNT: "Yes, those were very nice manners! We'll make a mental note to call her Natalie from now on. :) Even mr.coconut will start calling her by her new name. Isn't that right, mr.coconut?"
    mr.coconut: "GOOD NIGHT, GOOD NIGHT!"
    TNT: "Nono, mr.coconut. Natalie."
    mr.coconut: "Good... Night?"
    TNT: "Na-ta-lee."
    mr.coconut: "Goo-d ni-ght."
    TNT: "Good night, mr.coconut."
    mr.coconut: "GOOD NIGHT!"
  • One of the winning captions to this photo[1]
    '''"Ahh Mr.sneky i see you are wering your fance top" "You are wereing yor's too mr.coconut" "Speaking of coconut,were did you get the new flying hat of coconut?" "Wat coconut?" "Ohh that coconut near my had WAT a coconut on my had!" "BOOM!" "AHHH MY HEAD" "GOOD NIGHT mr.coconut"
    • Not that funny? This clothing item was then released. [2]
  • During The Faeries Ruin plot, a player sent in a question to the Neopian Times asking if the stuff around Jazan's eyes was part of his curse, or if it was just guyliner. Their answer? It's Cursed Guyliner. Mildly amusing. And then the plot prizes came out.
  • This. An average conversation in TNT headquarters.
  • TNT's response to trolls.
  • And now, TNT gets in on more meme fun!
  • TNT's randomness emerges, and an... interesting question.
  • Dragona and Jazan get in on some editorial fun.
  • Robot Uni Attack!
  • The "Return of Dr. Sloth" plot, Chapter 4, right as Dr. Sloth's plan is going into effect:
    Dr. Sloth: Excellent. The pieces are falling into place nicely.
    The next panel shows that Dr. Sloth is putting together a jigsaw puzzle.
  • Hanso and Jazan have to take over the editorial again after the Editorialist hears one too many questions about Neopet trading. Hilarity Ensues. Highlights include:
  • From Neopets: The Darkest Faerie, Lady Caitriona's and Lord Edric's relationship.
    Lord Edric: Last winter, that 'lady' called me a knight — a knight! And I, of royal blood! I didn't hesitate and returned the insult. She turned blue when I asked her to fetch my slippers!
    • The maid's exhausted reaction to them can also be quite comical.
    • If you speak to them before leaving for the Illusen's Glade quest, you'll find that they've fallen in love! Seeing their animosity turn to Tastes Like Diabetes is hilarious, especially with the cheesy poems that Edric keeps sending to her. The maid is even MORE frustrated and she begs you not to make her recite another poem.
  • TNT addressing the Socially Awkward Meepit, Put Something in McGill's Hand and Pointing Zafara memes in one picture. Meme? What's a meme?
  • A bit of Black Comedy: Desert Petpet Paint Brush + Abominable Snowball = ...well, see for yourself.
  • Editorial #348, question #5:
    nucky_girl: Dear editor, where would you find a low-priced paint brush (say, less than or at 1,000 NP)?
    Editor: Your dreams.
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