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Funny: Neil deGrasse Tyson
  • Informing Jon Stewart that the Earth in his intro spins the wrong way, when he was a guest on The Daily Show
    • And points it out again in a subsequent appearance... as he strolls out with a finished Rubik's Cube that Jon later claims he'd been given about thirty seconds before.
  • Yet another Daily Show appearance involved a huge cloud of smog over China. Neil wanders in wearing a bathrobe (he's evidently been crashing on the couch) and when Jon informs him that the cloud is visible from space, he exclaims, "Space?!" He then goes on to say that the cloud will interfere with the space laser... that he doesn't have.
  • Tyson frequently tells stories during his public appearances. To make a point about the fallibility of human perception and memory, he recounts a story where a police officer was chasing a bright object in the sky that appeared to be swerving back and forth, assuming it was some manner of alien spacecraft. The officer was apparently driving towards Venus, on a snaking road.
  • Once, when talking about how bogus Intelligent Design is, he mentioned the reproductive system: "It's an entertainment complex in the middle of a sewage system!"
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