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Funny: Negaverse Chronicles
  • Dingo, the kangaroo from Chicago who talks with a fake and over-the-top Australian accent.
  • Dr. Khola's No Indoor Voice
  • Quackerjack overloading himself with coffee.
  • Quackerjack: Why so serious?
  • Friendly Four: "It's a trap"
  • Liquidator devising the group name, the Friendly Four, in about two seconds.
    • And Negaduck's reaction to the name. It includes ranting loudly and throwing random objects (including multiple kitchen sinks) while searching for a flamethrower.
    "Friendly Four! Friendly Four! They couldn't have picked up a worse name if they had asked the Cute Little Lost Bunnies themselves! And these are my arch rivals! I'm embarrassed to even be called their enemy!"
  • This conversation:
    Voice: "Forgive me if I don't believe that three mutants and an insane asylum refugee are heroes."
    Bushroot: "You should talk! You're a disembodied voice with a creepy laugh! And guns! Why do you have guns! You could hurt someone with those!"
    Voice: "That's the entire point of having a gun."
  • The fact that most common of the super villain plots they deal with are "I Have a Death Ray" plans, "Take Over The World By Collecting a Resource" plan, and "Let's Make a Shrink Ray" plans. This annoys Megavolt more than anything.
  • Dr. Slug mentioned the fertilizer he's been working on having an "interesting" result.
    Megavolt: "Define 'interesting.' Interesting as in 'huh, that's funny', or 'Oh my god it's an abomination unto man and nature'? Because that's a very important difference in 'interesting'."
  • Megavolt is quite aware that he's pretty much crazy to be living the lifestyle that he is. He even spells out how he's bad it is
    "And some-how, Megavolt had no idea how; he had ended up becoming best friends with the one single person in the entire universe who was a bigger lunatic than himself!"
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