* Coach Riggendorf (Played by Robert Loggia) attempts to [[RousingSpeech calmly and analytically get the Armadillo's fired up]] for the second half of the [[BigGame final game]] of the movie. At this point the Armadillos are down by at least forty points to 0. Watch the magic happen [[http://youtu.be/ZEbN6Vnr1g8 here.]]
-->'''Rigg''': Now...let's ANALYZE what's been working for us.
-->'''Rigg''':[[SuddenlyShouting NOT A GODDAMN THING'S BEEN WORKING FOR US!]]
-->''(Wally starts tearing of his suit to reveal his usual TSU gym shirt underneath. All of the Armadillos look on, stunned)''
-->'''Rigg''': Like this goddamn suit doesn't work for me! And this stinkin' tie! And this this goddamn shirt! IT DOESN'T WORK FOR ME! You know how to play winning hard-nosed football?! You PLAY football like Ed Gennero played football, a guy who gave his life for this football team! He was a 140-pound halfback, and he played like a GODDAMN wild man! No! Like a GODDAMN RAMPAGING BEAST! And that's the way you're gonna do it! You go out there, you tear their [[PrecisionFStrike fuckin']] heads off, and you SHIT down their necks!!
-->'''Rigg:''' ...let us pray!
-->''(EVERY player takes a knee!)''

!!TV Series
* While TK is destroying Dani's stuff in a fit of anger:
-->'''Dani:''' ''(indicating another wall)'' [[DeadpanSnarker "Could you just tear down this wall too, cause I was thinking about expanding."]]
* Nico and Dani are watching Matt and Laura during a Hawks PR session. Nico comments that he knows Dani doesn't like Laura since she always squints when she doesn't like someone or something. A half-scene later after Dani has a conversation with Matt and Laura...
-->''Matt [handing Dani his sunglasses]'': Here, have these. You're squinting like crazy.