* Several of the daily issue's can have unexpected and funny results such as:
-->Following new legislation in [country's name] [[CreatorCameo Max Barry]] is this year's Miss [country's name]!
-->Following new legislation in [country's name] crowds of flag-burning protesters [[KillItWithFire tend to]] [[ManOnFire accidentally become crowds of burning protesters.]]
-->Following new legislation in [country's name] elevator music has been replaced by [[ThrashMetal thrash metal]] [[UpToEleven played at maximum volume.]]
-->Following new legislation in [country's name] the [country's name] Enquirer offers weekly cash prizes for 'most blasphemous song, story, or cartoon'.
-->Following new legislation in [country's name] [[RefugeInAudacity recent protests against birds flying too low have resulted in bloodshed.]]
-->Following new legislation in [country's name] [[RealMenWearPink the military frequently holds bake sales to raise funds.]]
-->Following new legislation in [country's name] there have been reports of [[BestialityIsDepraved people marrying housepets.]]
-->Following new legislation in [country's name] the nation's diplomatic missives are now delivered via sniper rifle.
-->Following new legislation in [country's name] [[NakedPeopleAreFunny citizens can be frequently spotted going about their business stark naked.]]
* The "What's in a name?" daily issue is hilarious.
-->"Its none of the governments business what I name my daughter!" says [[UnfortunateNames Follicle Rainbow Gooseknob]], cradling [expletive deleted] in her arms.
** The "Wipe Out Graffiti?" daily issue is also pretty funny.
-->"I don't see what's so bad," comments Buffy Smith, a famous art critic. "This is urban art at its finest. Its vibrant, colorful, and simply reeks of culture! Just look at the form displayed in this string of racist expletives! Wonderful. Simply wonderful."
** The "Dangerously Cheesy" issue, where people throw cheese at unpopular politicians, has the two... relatively normal options of either allowing the populace to express themselves that way, or arresting those people and the author of the political cartoon responsible. [[TakeAThirdOption And then there's this...]]
--> "Arrrrrgh!" screams lactose-intolerant Anne-Marie Patel, a member of the public safety board, as incoming rounds of mature gouda smash the windows and claim the suits of several nearby advisors. "As I've been saying for many years now, cheese is a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands and should be outlawed. Ban all cheese now, and enforce it!"
* The addition of the new Health and Environment catagories to the World Assembly [[http://www.nationstates.net/page=news/2014/02/16/index.html has to be read to be believed.]] And then there's the closing paragraph:
-->Interviewed on the effect of the new WA category on [[Literature/TheHitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy life, the universe and everything]], a sober sapient found dancing quietly in the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strangers%27_Bar Strangers Bar]] said it would undoubtedly cure cancer, end the Spon Plague in Upper Examplestan, stop Ponies getting stones in their hooves and [[CallBack turn the tide in the recurrent zombie infestations.]]

-->"I can very confidently predict that it will improve the world, one Resolution at a time," he said, [[Series/DoctorWho disappearing into a nearby blue police box]].
* One Issue Chain states that your nation is having problems with another. Many of the options are unique... Except for one guy, who, in every Issue, simply asks if you can nuke them.
* There is an issue that discusses [[NakedPeopleAreFunny public nudity.]] There are [[RuleOfThree three]] options. The first keeps things relatively normal. The second makes clothing optional. [[BreadEggsMilkSquick The third, however, makes nudity mandatory.]]
* The local newspapers after an issue is resolved. Which contain a random headline and picture. Such as "Local cow escapes paddock" above a picture of a ''mushroom cloud''.

For {{Roleplay/Esquarium}}:
* [[http://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=208024&p=25728662&hilit=cabal#p25728662 Qianrong parodies Ziegenhain's conspiracy theories.]] Odissia gets into the act two posts later.
* [[https://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?p=26072571#p26072571 The Nevan-Michillian feud turns steamy]] as everything is put on the line in a sauna competition.
** Generally, anything from the Pickle is gold.
* The President of Luziyca's [[https://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?p=25717581#p25717581 interview with satirical newspaper Namora Shinbunbo]] in which he names the capital of a Luziycan ally as "potato", uses an ethnic slur for Namorese people, maintains that he'll depose the Qianrongese government when the time comes, and doesn't realize he's being duped.[[/folder]]