Funny / Naruto: The Abridged Series

  • Episode 23 has many:
    • The part where Kakashi first sees the Akatsuki at the teahouse.
      Kakashi: I can't put my finger on it, but something doesn't feel right about these two.
      Itachi: (to waitress) Do you have... evil tea?
      Waitress: Why yes. Yes we do.
      Itachi: Excellent. Excellent! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    • When Kurenai and Asuma confront Itachi and Kisame, Itachi asks them whether it was their Akatsuki robes or their evil chakra that clued them in. Asuma says that it was the evil chakra, only for Kurenai to reveal that Asuma actually noticed that they didn't leave a tip.
    Asuma: And the evil chakra!
    • Kakashi's black & white flashback of his fight with Itachi and Kisame involves him being overly heroic, Itachi and Kisame as Evil Brits complete with mustaches and monocles, and Kurenai (and Asuma) treating him like a sex god.
    BW!Kurenai: Kakashi, save me, you sexy, sexy man!
    BW!Asuma: Yeah, save us... You sexy, sexy man.
    Asuma: Okay, I did NAWT say that!
    BW!Kurenai: Kakashi, protect me... With your penis!
    BW!Asuma: Me too.
    Asuma: The hell, man!?!
    • His southern accent makes it sound hilarious.
    • What makes it even better is how Asuma objects throughout the flashback, while Kurenai calmly waits for him to finish before calling him out on his bullshit.
    • Then afterwards we get Kurenai's response to the flashback.
      Kurenai: Honestly, what would Anko say if she heard you talking about me like that?
      Anko: (off screen) Whooo! Threesome!
  • "Japanese Hitler!!!"
    • Sasuke has learned the ability to defeat his brother and the log... (Beat) ...Yeah, no.
  • "Everyone... loves.. the carameldansen...."
  • The running theme of the horror that is Gai's naked body.
  • "Really? The villains of this arc are the Map Quest ninjas?"
    • "Hold on Vegeta! In a later arc, they bring back Mizuki."
    • "God damnit I hate filler arcs.."
  • "I'm Gaara. Of the Funk."
  • * LOG'D!*
  • Zabuza's unmasked voice: Jerry Lewis. "What? Oh no, the lady! The pretty lady with the way of the dying! Why'd she have to die?" "Why are you attacking me when I'm grieving over the pretty lady! She was so pretty and lady! Good-bye to the mousie!" "Oh, nice Kakashi person, can you revive me and the pretty lady with the Dragonballs?"
  • You want voice differentiation? That's GAARA!
  • "Are you done? You sure? 'Cause I'm not going to get interrupted again by that stupid plot! Okay then. Haku, you're min—* scene cut* SON OF A FUC(bleep) MIS(bleep) CUN(bleep bleeeep) BALONEY!"
  • "NO! Now alone time is useless!"
  • Clucky's triumphant return to kick Orochimaru's and Kabuto's asses.
  • Naruto singing "Living in the Sunlight, Loving in the Moonlight".
  • Kakashi and Jiraya's conversation in episode 28, after Sasuke and Naruto's fight:
    Jiraiya: Shouldn't you be keeping an eye on [Sasuke]? You know, the only one you actually have left?
    Kakashi: I guess you're right.. At this rate, he and Naruto will become like you and Orochimaru were!
    Kakashi: ... No, I was thinking more along the lines of bitter rivals.. And Orochimaru? Seriously?
    Jiraiya: You'd be surprised. You'd be veery surprised.
    • Also, earlier that episode:
      Orochimaru: The tree has matured. The baby has been born. The meat has.. Gone.. Bad...
      Sakon: Um, do you want us to go to the grocery store?
      Orochimaru: Yes. I want you, to buy me, a ninja named Sasuke! NAO! .. Oh, and some bread too.
  • Three words: Ninja Info Cards!
  • Episode 31 (Vegeta's Version):
    Sakon: Doesn't it seem like spiderguy's been gone for a while?
    Tayuya: You mean like a few hours?
    Sakon: No, I mean, like, three months.
    Tayuya: Oh yeah!
    Sakon: Well I'm sure he's hard at work and not goofing off.
    Kidomaru: Wheeeeeeee!
    • "Please don't punch my catheter!"
  • "You have to get out of the village!" She said. "The cherry blossoms are coming, and they're going to take away my tortillas! Get that cow out of the way!" *moo*
    • Hee hee, *moo*.
  • Naruto summoning Gamabunta to fight Gaara. Objectively the funniest moment in the series.
    (Naruto summons Gamabunta)
    Gamabunta: FUCK YOU!
    (Gamabunta disappears.)