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Funny: Nanatsu No Taizai
  • Chapter 2, When Elizabeth asks Meliodas what his sin is, Meliodas says with a straight face that he used to steal panties across the land - then says that's a lie, he actually groped every breast he saw, but he was kidding.
  • Chapter 3, When Elizabeth said it was her first time serving as a waitress and said her heart was pounding. Meliodas told Elizabeth to say it one more time to her embarrassment.
  • Chapter 4, While walking in the forest, Elizabeth scream, saying someone is touching her butt. But it turns out to be Meliodas which she calm down.
    • When the Imp shape their shape into Elizabeth and trying to attack Meliodas, Meliodas use this to make them do what he say to find out who is the real Elizabeth. He told them to raise their hand, say his name in a embarrassed voice, and message their breasts.
    • Meliodas later decided to make all the Elizabeth's jump up expert for the real Elizabeth for some reason which it is revealed that Meliodas stole her panties a while ago and give it back to which she said that she knew he was a panty thief.
  • Chapter 5, When the Boar Hat met Diane, she seem to be scary and dangerous, but once Diane saw Meliodas, she hugged him and said she missed him so much.
    • Once Diane found out that Meliodas is traveling with Elizabeth, she got furious and smash Meliodas to the ground and kept on doing it, saying he was a womanizer and scared her woman heart.
  • Chapter 10, while being chase by Golgius and hiding in a tower, Meliodas made some circle symbol on the ground to which Hawk ask him why he did it, and revealed it was a magic spell to prevent Golgius from coming in to which Hawk find it silly, but when Golgius appear, the ground broke and he fell down, revealing it wasn't a magic spell but a trap.
  • Chapter 19, Ban reaction when the Deadly Sins said that the child he was fighting was King, and still believed that he was a fake until King revealed himself.
  • Diane was sent flying toward a sharp rock which could have killed her, but Meliodas went her and saved her, but said she was heavy and made Diane upset at him, saying it was rude to call a woman heavy.
  • When Meliodas was sent flying, Diane saved him, but landed inside her breasts, much to her joy. Diane became dismay when Meliodas left.
  • When Diane protected Meliodas from Geera's attack, Ban wonder why she didn't saved him to which the latter said she doesn't want to, which Ban was okay with.
  • As Diane was injury from battle, she kept on telling Meliodas that she think she is dying and ask Meliodas for a goodbye kiss to which Meliodas continued to fight without the kiss.
    • After the battle, Ban revealed that Diane was faking her injuries to get Meliodas attention which made King upset at Ban for calling Diane like that, but Diane looked away awaker.
  • Chapter 26, It's revealed that after the Sins found Geera's unconscious body, they tied her up and doodled on her face complete with eyes on her normally shut eyelids and a Love Me caption.
    • In the same chapter, King asks the Sins about their weapons, but they all say they don't have them proudly, which shocks King.
  • When Hawk ask why the Sacred Treasures are so important to the Deadly Sins, King explain by using water to which Hawk shake Meliodas angrier for sealing his weapon, but Meliodas seem to be smiling.
    • After Meliodas comfort Elizabeth about her missing family, Meliodas said it was time to sleep while inside Elizabeth bed and told her to come in which made Elizabeth speechless.
  • After Meliodas saved Elizabeth from Veronica, he told her the next location is a festival and that she have to enter the Naked Dance Festival which she was shock and embarrassed until Meliodas revealed he was joking.
    • It became irony since Elizabeth end up becoming naked when shrunked and no longer appear to wear clothes, and when she regrow, she have to wear Veronica clothes.
  • As the Boar Hat went about to enter Byzel, Diane grew upset and start smashing thing, saying she was bored of being left behind. King offer to stay with Diane, but Elizabeth took the offer instead.
  • Chapter 33, King vs. Cain. Per the rules of the fight festival and in order to impress Diane, King decides to fight without his trademark weapon. In his mind, he has an incredible fight against Cain. In reality, the fight's incredibly lame as both fighters are super weak.
  • In Chapter 36, when it was Diane turn to fight next, she left the tiny naked Elizabeth on the hand of Meliodas who grin perverted as she cover herself.
  • Chapter 37, Diane vs. Hauser. In the midst of the fight festival, Hauser makes several statements towards Diane that she should just go with the flow in light of his tornado based powers. In the audience, Meliodas says Hauser is amazing while this is happening. However, it's not Hauser's abilities Meliodas is talking about. He's talking about how all of Hauser's statements can be taken as Double Entendre. Diane reaction to the Double Entendre was hilarious.
  • After getting defeated by Meliodas in the tournament, Ban decided to get back at him by bribing some girls to actively flirt with Meliodas before the fight between Meliodas and Diane. This was so that Diane would go after Meliodas with her full strength. And boy, does she ever.
  • When Pelio and his friends went to the Boar Hat, Diane appear from the back of the building which scared the kids, thinking that Diane will eat them which made Diane mad, saying she doesn't eat people.
  • The whole Gowther meet up with the Seven Deadly Sins and telling everyone their secrets.
  • When Meliodas told everyone that they are going to Liones to get back his sword, everyone refuse because it was his fault for losing it. Instead of getting mad at them, Meliodas went under Elizabeth skirt and told her to comfort him which she does and made Diane so mad, she bust through the window.
  • When Elizabeth was taken to Liones prison by a teleporting Holy Knights, Hawk was also taken by mistake and he had to go to the toilet really bad. Hawk was unable to hold it and decided to break through a iron door to get to the toilet before Elizabeth could told him there were a toilet. When Hawk come back from the toilet, his head was bleeding and Elizabeth became worried.
  • King show Diane his old friend Oslo ability to teleport and used it to get to Liones. However, Diane was too big even if Oslo grow bigger and Diane got stuck because of her butt and ask King to push her said butt to his embarrassment.
  • At the end cover of Volume 7, Elizabeth was bathing peaceful at a lake, while we spot a certain blond hair in the lake.
  • In the extra pages of Volume 6, Meliodas teach King to be more bold against female, even Diane. Meliodas show his bold nature by joining the girls (Elizabeth and Diane) bathing in the lake naked. The girls were fine with Meliodas, but when King try to use Meliodas move (in his fat form), Diane kick him out with a rock and called him a pervert.
    • At the same moment, Meliodas was playing "jaw" with the naked Elizabeth, while swimming around her. Even, cover her chest, so King doesn't see them.
  • When Arthur meets King Bartra and is told that instead of becoming a Holy Knight like he has always dreamed of becoming, he is destined to become something much greater, a king, all that he takes from it is that he takes from it is that he is never going to be a Holy Knight.
  • Merlin using the spell Absolute Cancel to destroy the perfect magical barrier. As the caster comments, "That's just not fair."
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