* Raikou's [[EpicFail attempt at driving]].
* Yoite trying to kill a man [[DisproportionateRetribution for calling him "an emo kid"]].
* This exchange when [[http://elibean.tumblr.com/post/93136822198/the-dub-for-nabari-no-ou-is-super-cute-oh-my-g Miharu happens upon Yoite in an alleyway]]. It's as funny as it's adorable.
-->'''Miharu:''' Are you stuck?\\
'''Yoite:''' No. I'm hiding.\\
'''Miharu:''' Why are you hiding? (''gets into the alley'') I'll hide with you.\\
'''Yoite:''' There's no need for that! Get out! (''{{Beat}}'') [[{{Adorkable}} Hi]].
* In the manga, Ichki and Hattori's reactions to Yoite, Yukimi, Kazuho, Raikou and Gau [[spoiler:switching sides]].
-->'''Ichki:''' [[DullSurprise Everyone kind of left, huh?]]\\
'''Hattori:''' [[CrowningMomentOfIndifference Yes.]]