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  • When Nova finds out that Earth knew nothing of the Annihilation Wars. Doubles as a minor MOA:
    Tony Stark: "You say Annihilus was the driving force? What happened to him?"
    Nova: "I pulled him inside-out and saved the universe. What have you done lately, Tony?
  • Cosmo's first appearance, during a Nightmare Fuel-laden story. As Rich is taking a moment after nearly being killed by a group of superheroes, a dog in a spacesuit walks up to him and starts tugging on his arm. Rich's reaction sells it.
    Nova: It's a dog.
    Worldmind: So I see.
    Nova: It's a dog in a space-suit.
    Nova: (to Cosmo) Hey? Hey, boy. Good dog. What are you trying to tell me, fella?
    Cosmo: I am tryink to tell you to follow me, please. But I could not speak because my mouth was beink full of your arm.
    Nova: (Stunned silence)
  • Nova: "You disguised yourself as a Skrull? That's years of therapy right there, man."
    Super-Skrull: "What is 'therapy'?"
  • Johnny Storm's reaction to Reed Richards and Worldmind talking Technobabble: "And then everything went nerd!"
  • Darkhawk and Rich's reaction to Robbie Rider's Genre Savvy
    Darkhawk: When you were a kid, did you want to hit him?
    Nova: Only a lot.
  • Every time the Worldmind snarks, especially after it takes on Ko-Rel's appearance.
  • The normally stiff and loquacious Worldmind's summary of its mental state after a bad case of Sanity Slippage. along with being taken over by Ego the Living Planet:
    Worldmind: I'm as mad as a bag of Badoon.
  • Worldmind with Ko-Rel's personality refusing to let Rich live her death down.
  • Worldmind giving her unbiased speculation as to what caused the Fault to exist.
    Worldmind: For the record, I believe the Kree to be blameless. It was obviously those freaky-peaky Inhumans who led them astray.
    Nova: Yeah. Thanks for the impartial view, Ko-Rel of Hala.
  • While visiting Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S., and saving it from a bad case of EldritchAbominations, Nova starts flirting with Evelyn Necker, only for Worldmind to remind him that the scientist in question is a confirmed A.I.M. spy and that flirting with someone else is generally a very bad idea immediately after bringing back his old girlfriend from the grave.
  • Speedball kidnapping Sam Alexander to try to recruit him into the New Warriors.
    Speedball: But if you could hit me in the face with that metal bar as hard as you can, I
    Sam lunges at Robbie and strikes him with the metal bar causing Speedball's costume to appear
    Speedball: Wow! You've got a lot of trust! Or maybe you did recognize me.
    Sam: I was trying to knock you out.
  • While Sam and a crime-lord are talking about Sam's father, Rocket Racoon investigates a box filled with snakes, then throws it into a elevator filled with guards. Hilarity Ensues The crime-lord chides him.
    Crime-lord: Hey! Those are expensive!
    Sam: The guard, or the snakes?
    Crime-lord: Both.
  • Kaelynn's shenanigan when she wore Sam's Nova Helmet and destroying part of the kitchen wall in the process.
    • She later used it to distract Carnage from revealing his identity as Nova while piggy back riding her mother who reluctantly accept the role.

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