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  • When Nova finds out that Earth knew nothing of the Annihilation Wars. Doubles as a minor MOA:
    Tony Stark: "You say Annihilus was the driving force? What happened to him?"
    Nova: "I pulled him inside-out and saved the universe. What have you done lately, Tony?
  • Cosmo's first appearance, during a Nightmare Fuel-laden story. As Rich is taking a moment after nearly being killed by a group of superheroes, a dog in a spacesuit walks up to him and starts tugging on his arm. Rich's reaction sells it.
    Nova: It's a dog.
    Worldmind: So I see.
    Nova: It's a dog in a space-suit.
    Nova: (to Cosmo) Hey? Hey, boy. Good dog. What are you trying to tell me, fella?
    Cosmo: I am tryink to tell you to follow me, please. But I could not speak because my mouth was beink full of your arm.
    Nova: (Stunned silence)
  • Nova: "You disguised yourself as a Skrull? That's years of therapy right there, man."
    Super-Skrull: "What is 'therapy'?"
  • Johnny Storm's reaction to Reed Richards and Worldmind talking Technobabble: "And then everything went nerd!"
  • Darkhawk and Rich's reaction to Robbie Rider.
    Darkhawk: When you were a kid, did you want to hit him?
    Nova: Only a lot.
  • Every time the Worldmind snarks, especially after it takes on Ko-Rel's appearance.
  • The normally stiff and loquacious Worldmind's summary of its mental state after a bad case of Sanity Slippage. along with being taken over by Ego the Living Planet:
    Worldmind: I'm as mad as a bag of Badoon.
  • Worldmind with Ko-Rel's personality refusing to let Rich live her death down.
  • Worldmind giving her unbiased speculation as to what caused the Fault to exist.
    Worldmind: For the record, I believe the Kree to be blameless. It was obviously those freaky-peaky Inhumans who led them astray.
    Nova: Yeah. Thanks for the impartial view, Ko-Rel of Hala.
  • While visiting Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S., and saving it from a bad case of EldritchAbominations, Nova starts flirting with Evelyn Necker, only for Worldmind to remind him that the scientist in question is a confirmed A.I.M. spy and that flirting with someone else is generally a very bad idea immediately after bringing back his old girlfriend from the grave.
  • Speedball kidnapping Sam Alexander to try to recruit him into the New Warriors.
    Speedball: But if you could hit me in the face with that metal bar as hard as you can, I
    Sam lunges at Robbie and strikes him with the metal bar causing Speedball's costume to appear
    Speedball: Wow! You've got a lot of trust! Or maybe you did recognize me.
    Sam: I was trying to knock you out.
  • Carnage coaching Sam on how to turn supervillains (specifically himself) over to S.H.I.E.L.D. when the agents present bring up the legal complications with arresting a supervillain that a costumed hero captured.
    Carnage: You're doing this all wrong kid. (Spider-Man) just drops us off and swings away.
    Sam: Oh? **(Sam flies off)** BYEEEEEEEEEE!
    Shield Agent: Oh fer the love of.
    Carnage: Attaboy. There's hope fer him yet.
  • While Sam and a crime-lord are talking about Sam's father, Rocket Racoon investigates a box filled with snakes, then throws it into a elevator filled with guards. Hilarity Ensues The crime-lord chides him.
    Crime-lord: Hey! Those are expensive!
    Sam: The guard, or the snakes?
    Crime-lord: Both.
  • Kaelynn's shenanigan when she wore Sam's Nova Helmet and destroying part of the kitchen wall in the process.
    • She later used it to distract Carnage from revealing his identity as Nova while piggy back riding her mother who reluctantly accept the role.
  • In one of the Annual issues during Sam's first run, he teams up with the incarnation of the Hulk known as "Doctor Green." Sam spends much of the issue trying to convince Green that he doesn't hold a grudge over the fight the two of them had during the Axis crossover, but at the last second, when he's at the controls of a teleporter to send Green back to Earth, he throws Green into an active volcano.
  • From the Civil War II tie-in, Sam has a team-up with the least likely person imaginable.
    Nova: Dude! I really don't have time for these questions right now. In case you haven't noticed theres a huge monster outside destroying New York.
    The Captain: It's called gentrification, kid.
    • Even better, the Captain's drunken ramblings about how the other former members of Nextwave never contact him and about the time Steve Rodgers beat him up and left him in a dumpster actually end up teaching real life lessons to Sam.
  • While Sam is struggling to organize his life between his social life, his school life, his duties as a superhero, and his position on the Champions, he zones out and crashes into a flock of birds.
  • After Richard's resurrection in the 2017 series, Sam introduces him to the Champions (primarily to have Amadeus Cho do a DNA scan to verify that it's actually Richard). Rich is completely baffled by the countless Legacy Characters who popped up since his death. And this being the Marvel Universe:
    Richard: You're Ms. Marvel? What happened to Carol?
    Kamala: You mean Captain Marvel?
    Richard: He's dead.
    Miles: She's not.
    Richard: And you're Spider-Man?
    Miles: Yep.
    Richard: Is he dead too?
    Kamala: Cyclops is.
    Richard: Cyclops?!
    Viv: I am the synthetic daughter of Vision.
    Richard: Is every hero twelve now?!
    • Rich's reaction to the fact that pretty much everyone was in an Official Avengers team since he died when (ignoring his Guest-Star Party Member status in the original Secret Avengers) he never really made it higher than the New Warriors. Kamala Kahn struggles to compliment this since it seems pretty low level compared to an Avengers team. After Rich has visions of the Cancerverse and quickly leaves, Kamala panics since she misinterprets this as her offending him with her comment on the New Warriors
    • Rich and Sam visit Cosmo in the Knowhere. Cosmo reads from Sam's mind he has a crush on new girl at school and starts giving him dating advice. Richard decides to celebrate by taking Sam on a drink...and little too late remembers Sam is still a teenager.
    Richard: Try to look like you could grow a beard.
    • Another moment from when Richard and Sam visit Cosmo is that at first Cosmo doesn't notice it's Richard who just dropped by with Sam, and when he does, he's overcome with joy. Richard then gives him doggy treats and Cosmo thanks him, saying Richard was always his favorite Nova. Cue a Beat as Richard peeks at Sam, and Cosmo then addresses the younger Nova:
    Cosmo: You good Nova too.
    Sam: Thanks.
    Cosmo: He is better Nova.
    Sam: Okay.
    Cosmo: Ripped Annihilus' guts from throat.
    Sam: Heard about that. Yeah.
  • While both are in the Cancerverse, Richard holds off the most of the Revengers leaving Sam with just Captain America. Sam ahesitates for a moment before taking Cancerverse Cap down with one punch.
    Sam: Should I feel guilty about how awesome that felt?
    Richard: Nah. I think everyone wants to punch Captain America at some point.
    • For bonus points this issue was released the same time that Secret Empire was going on.
  • Sam's reaction to Richard pulling his Cancerverse infection out through his own mouth (mirroring how he killed Annihilus)
    Richard: Got any mouthwash, mints, anything?
    Sam: No. Buuuuuut that was so badass.
    Richard: Oh good, glad you thought my agony looked cool. I'm going to throw up at least 3 more times.
  • The continued running gag about Richard forgetting how young Sam is.
    Richard: Yeah, reality-jumping hurts. You're gonna feel hungover for a few days.
    Sam: What's a hangover feel like?
    Richard: I hate how young you are.

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