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Funny: My Little Pony: The Mentally Advanced Series

From the Series itself:

  • "The cure is nudity." "But I'm already naked!"
  • Rainbow Dash trying to "counter curse" in Episode 7 and Haunting Nightmare: "BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHH!"
  • "Rubber Ducky You are THE ONE! You make bathtime LOTS OF FUN!"
  • Most of what Seaty Belt/Thrackerzod says in the final scene of episode 10 is hilarious, due to how badly the apparently normal pony... thing... blends in.
    Seaty Belt: I AM BLENDING IN!
  • Nazi!Rarity. Heck, Rarity in general.
  • Any time Twilight mentions her childhood.
  • Twilight explaining herself to Celestia on Ep. 8. Even more funny thanks to the return of The Rubber Ducky Song.
    Twilight: Noooo, noo, that was wrong! So wrong!
  • Spike's "They threatened me with Tiny Hammers!"
  • "I think a tiny, evil creature is living in my attic. It likes geometry. And Satan."
  • "Call of the Cutie"
    • Applebloom "persuading" Doctor Whooves to buy some apples.
    Applebloom: How would you like to buy me some ice cream?
    Doctor: (backing away) Sounds illegal...
    Applebloom: Are you sure you don't wanna buy me any ice cream? Because I am the perfect height to reach your dangly bits, and I think we both know what I'm implying here.
    Doctor: (getting nervous)Look, I'm really busy right now and I'm doing something really important. I have to save a kitty named Mr. Fluffles from certain doom.
    Applebloom: Do not make me get persuasive with you!
    Doctor: (panicked)Stay back! I can travel through time!
    Applebloom: Well, good, you're gonna need that power, because I am about to kick your dick into last Thursday!
    Doctor: I will cry!
    Applebloom: Children have no empathy! I don't even care! You give me some friggin' ice cream!
    Doctor: Okay! Just take the money and leave me alone!
  • "Feeling Pinkie Keen":
    • Pinkie's knowledge of the Hydra that lives "spitting distance" from Ponyvile, as Applejack so eloquently put it.
    Pinkie: His name is "Richard," he is allergic to peanuts, and he has a birthday in three weeks.
    • When the Hydra chases them to the ledge and it looks like the end for them, we get this little gem:
    Pinkie: We will die as we lived, yes! Hating Fluttershy.
    Fluttershy: I agree with that sentiment! I'M SO SORRY EVERYONE!
    • This. Just... This:
    Spike: Well, personally, I hope you never become a Princess, if I'm any indication of what it's going to be like for everyone.
    Twilight: Eh, I wouldn't hold your breath on it anyway.
    • The Q&A between Pinkie and Twilight as part of the latter's "research" on friendship.
    Pinkie (shackled by the hooves with a skullcap on): You promised to Pinkie bondage! Yes.
    Twilight: I did, and you're in bondage. I knew you'd go for it.
    Pinkie: Okay, it is different, yes. When is Twilight in bondage as well?
    Twilight: I'd ask how you think that's supposed to work, but I already know, sadly.
    • The moral that Twilight comes up with at the end of the episode, after wearing herself out trying to figure out Pinkie Pie, is hilarious:
    Twilight: You know what I think? I think the moral of this story, is that the social sciences are retarded.
  • "The Show Stoppers"
    • Working My Twerking. The entire song is gold.
    • "I AM CALLING YOUR BLUFF! Tell them you were bested by a child. All is fair in money and politics."

From "Rainbow Dash Presents":

  • From Rainbow Dash Presents Cupcakes. It starts with Rainbow Dash deciding to put on a gorilla suit after reaching Sugarcube Corner and spirals into hilarious madness from there.
    • Pinkie's rendition of Hooked On A Feeling in order to convince Rainbow Dash to come home with her. It doesn't work. What does? This
    Pinkie: (Annoyed) Go go Power Rangers...
    Rainbow Dash: (excited) Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! How did you know!?
  • From (ironically enough) Rainbow Dash Presents: Captain Hook the Biker Gorilla:
    • Thrackerzod's "I WANT TO BE AN OOMPA LOOMPA. Take me to them so the deed may be done..."
      • "The string is chafing me! THAT IS NORMAL."
    • Mexican Surprise as Pogo the Clown. John Wayne Gacy's clown name.
    Thrackerzod: Wait. Doesn't Willy Wonka kill all the children?
    Surprise: O-Okay, hey, hey that's a good point, I'm not Willy Wonka anymore! I'm Pogo the Clown! You can trust Pogo! She's safe with kids!
    Applebloom: I'm trying to force it, but it won't go!
    Thrackerzods: The head is backwards.
    Scootaloo: Try jiggling it around.
    Thrackerzods: The head is backwards.
    Applebloom: Maybe it's broken?
    Thrackerzods: THE HEAD IS BACKWARDS!
    • "There's this one kid with a magical glandular problem, and his butt's like, falling through the floor..."
    • "There's cookies and punch at the door."
    • "Now I dressed up like Willy Wonka and a clown for nothing!"
    • "You've been grounding up ponies, baby? Sure you haven't been grinding up ON ponies? HOO!"
  • From Rainbow Dash Presents: Haunted Nightmare:
    • Any scene involving Zecora.
    • Pinkie trying to drug Twilight so she can have her way with her.
    • "Meka Leka Yes Meka Heiny Ho! Meka Leka Yes Meka Heiny Ho!"
    • Rainbow Dash goes to get a glass of water for Pinkie Pie. Literally one second after disappearing into Twilight's kitchen, she does something to set off the smoke detector. And then a jackhammer. And then machine gun chatter, complete with muzzle flash. And finally, a barking dog.
    Rainbow Dash (off-screen): Twilight, do you have any ketchup?
    • This exchange near the end of the video:
    Zecora: I saved you from swamp gas!
    Twilight: You saved me from....what?
    Zecora: I am the deuess macarena!
    Twilight: You mean Deus ex Machina?
  • In "Rainbow Dash Presents: A Beautiful Day In Equestria", Twilight's response to the shipping: running.
    • And after the credits, we find out she wound up in a nightclub. Filled entirely with various apes.
      • Made even funnier when in the commentary we learn that this is the canon ending to the fan fic.
  • Rainbow Dash Presents : My Little Dashie...
    • The fact that a Batman plot was put into it.
    • The reaction to Dash's memory loss.
      Rarity:This is like, the seventh time. The Seventh Time!
    • The stinger at the end.
  • Rainbow Dash Presents: Bittersweet
    • Scootaloo and Applebloom checking out a website where unicorn stallions post pictures of their...ahem, horns.
    Applejack: Young lady, I told you to keep this door open when Sco- (sees the laptop and goes wide-eyed)- What are you lookin' at?!
    • For that matter, Applebloom finding out Pinkie's dead, and taking it surprisingly well.
    'Applebloom: Wait, Pinkie's dead? (looks at AJ) Y'all said she went on vacation.
    Rainbow Dash: Then... Why'd we hold a funeral?
    Applejack: Dash! Darn it?
    Rainbow Dash: Who did we bury?
    Applejack: I don't wanna have to talk to my sister about death!
    Applebloom: What's to talk about? Just last night, Ms. Cluckerbottom stopped layin' eggs an' we cut her head off.
    Applejack (flustered) Well, Scootaloo's parents probably don't wanna have conversations with her about things she ain't ready for.
    Scootaloo (fiddling with the aformentioned website/laptop): Look at this one, baby. Twelve inches.
    • "What is he doin' with that spatula?"
    • Included in Pinkie's Last Will and Testament is the demand that Fluttershy's eulogy be drowned out by dubstep.
    • Pinkie Pie joined the Ghost Wonderbolts

From other Spin-offs and One-shots:

  • "Alicorn Day"
    • Celestia's last assignment and the "lesson" Twilight learned from it:
    Spike: So, hey, you remember that letter she [Celestia] sent you where she asked you to get those pictures of Applejack's brother?
    Twilight: Yeah.
    Spike: And then she told you to write a critique of Mac's physical appearance?
    Twilight: Yeah
    Spike: And then she sent the critique to Mac?
    Twilight: (Levitates a drink into her hoof) Yeah.
    Spike: What'd you tell her you learned from that?
    Twilight (In a Monotone): A Phillips screwdriver is persuasive, but not seductive; and also Rarity charges out the butt for stuff I really think she should do as a friend.

  • "Investment Losses"
    • Twilight and Rainbow Dash on the cloud from "Alicorn Day", when suddenly Twilight's wings disappear and she falls through the cloud.
    • Aurora on the bus:
    Aurora Excuse me, weird adult talking to a kid. I'm supposed to avoid Stranger Danger situations. For that I need a pretty wide bubble without any strangers in it. Now, are you gonna have a Stranger Danger situation? *the adults move* Thank you! I can tell by the lack of proximity to me that you are probably OK adults.
  • "Budget Impasse"

From "Lets Ramble Over Pony Fantasy VI:

  • The concept of Rainbow Dash doing a Let's Play is hilarious in-and-of itself.
  • Part 14 features a ponified version of the opera scene. It starts off with Rainbow Dash singing along to the opera. And then Pinkie Pie joins in.
    • Made even funnier when everyone begins arguing over whether or not they were singing badly.
  • The whole "Fighting the Train" sequence in part 8.

From "Let's Ramble Over Fallout: New Vegas:

  • Rainbow Dash deciding to name her character "Queen Latifa"
  • The entire "Church Of Dagon Food Drive" segment.
    Rainbow Dash: What ridiculous Cthulhu nightmare did I just escape from?! Hey kids, everyone get ready for the Church Of Dagon Can Drive! Kids that donate 20 cans will get a Church Of Dagon pocket knife. It's got the Church Of Dagon logo on it and everything! Kids that donate 50 cans will get a signed photograph of Dagon himself. And, if the school reaches its goal of 40,000 cans, Dagon will visit the school, live, in person, and will suck out your soul through your nose!

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