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  • At least two of the many, many alternate endings to the infamous Cupcakes has the events all just being a fanfic written by one of the Mane Cast. Another has it all being just an Alfred Hitchcock play.
  • Ponies Play D&D. The initial story of Applejack playing her first Dungeons & Dragons game after everyone else has gotten addicted to it is funny enough, but then it hits a whole new level when the CMC find the gamebooks and each of the mane cast takes a turn as DM.
  • The Worst Bakers In Equestria has plenty, but one that combines this with awesome is Trixie's semi-semi-final baking attempt. The sheer over-the-topness of it as Trixie's personal Doom Magnet levels of bad luck actually animates her baking attempt into a ravening dough-monster, forcing her to duel it into submission. Commentators Spike and Pinkie Pie are at a complete loss of words over it, and by the end of it, the entire audience in perfect synchronization reset their mouths after they had been dropped in awe.
  • The Elements of Gaming: In chapter 8, Rainbow Dash and Applejack go into rivalry-mode while playing Burnout, only for them and everyone else in the race to be thoroughly trounced by an unknown (the others being easily identified as Hoops, Score, Dumbbell, and Scootaloo) player with the screen-name of Muffin_Master (you can probably see where this is going). Muffin_Master, naturally, turns out to be none other than Ditzy "Derpy Hooves" Doo.
    • Also from that chapter: Rarity's reaction to Scootaloo being one of the players, because Scootaloo had told her that she and Sweetie Belle were going to go study.
      Rarity: Oh Girls... Do go on without me, would you please? I do believe I've got... problems to take care of. Three very hyperactive problems.
    • Twilight becoming angry because Pinkie bluescreened the computer from spamming too many Nod militants. Let's just say that her enraged Rapidash form wasn't a good idea to use in the library.
      • You could probably guess how annoying it was to hear "Fighters arm up!" as she spam builded them.
      • Along with that: Rarity annihilating the AI opponent when they attacked her perfectly constructed base.
      • Or Dash facing down 2 hard AIs.
    • Or in the first chapter, the mane cast having problems with Halo: Reach's legendary difficulty.
      • Like Twilight starting to swear like Princess Clara when she kept getting killed at a certain point.
      • Fluttershy's completely flawless playing. Beware the Nice Ones indeed.
    • In Chapter 2, Twilight and company get to test out Gears of War. She expects Rainbow Dash and Applejack to love it, and they do... until Pinkie starts playing, and gleefully uses the chainsaw bayonet on an enemy, which makes everypony else lose their lunch.
    • Then comes chapter 3.5, in which Twilight gets hooked on Tetris and plays so well that Pinkie literally shits a pile of bricks while watching her.
    • Or the girls playing Rock Band. What song does Pinkie find after thinking every other song was too slow? Through The Fire And Flames.
  • My own clone! Now neither of us will be virgins!
  • The Birds and the Bees, with the mane six each giving their own version of The Talk to the CMC. The punchline everyone's undoubtedly waiting for when they finally ask Pinkie Pie is completely worth the buildup.
  • Like Fine Wine may be highly explicit material, but as you'd expect from the author of Romance Reports, it has a few funny moments as well, one of the best being Rarity's reaction upon seeing Spike's Exotic Equipment for the first time.
    "Y- Y- you you have TWO?!"
  • A Perfectly Ordinary Day in Ponyville, a thoroughly tongue-in-cheek fanfic Cliché Storm, with Twilight completely unfazed by everything.
  • Mention has to be made of Canterlot Follies, an almost perfect parody of P. G. Wodehouse's most famous series.
  • This exchange in Trixcord:
    Newsstand Owner: This ain't a library, fella. You wanna read that paper, it'll cost you a bit.
    Discord: That's what you have to say towards the spirit of chaos and disharmony? Aren't you just the tiniest bit curious about having a strange creature like me standing before you?
    Newsstand Owner: I'm a Manehattenite. I've Seen It All. Now about that bit...
    Discord: (conjures six sacks of bits) Will that do?
    Newsstand Owner: That'll do...
  • This fanfic about Luna. The entire fanfic.
  • How Every Shipfic Would Actually Happen. Especially EveryponyDash.
  • Pinkie Pie Discovers Coffee The real laughs come from the fact that it's not Pinkie Pie that goes nuts after drinking coffee, but Twilight Sparkle.
    • Suddenly, Twilight became a living ball of energy, exploding up into the air and launching straight for the Cakes. They were taken off guard as she tackled them to the ground, her pupils shrinking as she became the horror they were afraid of.
  • The fanfic Estrus has a lengthy conversation between five of the Mane Six over how they should break the news to Twilight about the symptoms of heat she's feeling. note  It contains a lot of hilarious details of how each of them learned about the facts of life and how each chooses to deal with the symptoms. Applejack ends up calling "Too Much Information" on the conversation when Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy start comparing vibrators.
    • The same author's Fluffershy, in which Hilarity Ensues after Pinkie finds a porn DVD in Mr. Cake's collection with what she recognises as Fluttershy's butt on the cover. The rest of the Mane Six find out about it - except Rainbow, who already had three copies on various formats - and when Fluttershy walks in on them watching her scene, she attempts to commit seppuku with Angel's carrot.
  • Pretty much all of the messages in Twilight's Answering Machine, though highlights include Applejack and Rainbow Dash doing bad impersonations of each other while trying to prank her, several characters calling to ask why she never told them about having a brother - even Shining Armor didn't know! - the random cameo from The Cheese, and the messages from Strong Bad and Homestar:
    Strong Bad: "Wait, you're not Marzipan! Who is this? You mean there's actually someone else who has an answering machine? Well that's a load of crap. Although you sound pretty hot. Mmm yeah, hey there, baby. Wanna go out with the one and only Strong Bad? I mean, it's not like you're a purple horse or anything."

    Homestar Runner: "Whoa, Marzipan! What happened to your voice? I mean, you sound different. Like, did you turn yourself into a talking, purple unicorn or something? Because that's great! I always wanted a unicorn girlfriend for me to break up with!"
    • Discord's call:
    Discord: Bwa-ha ha ha ha! (lightning suddenly strikes in the background) Oh yes, Twilight, it is I, Discord! You may have put me in stone prison, but you haven't taken my ability to call ponies while in suspended animation! Ooooo! I'm spreading chaos on your answering machine! And that's all I can do. That and making lightning appear. (lightning strikes again) It's not easy being able to spread chaos when you're in stone prison.
  • Warning: NSFW!. 60s Spiderman goes to Equestria. 60s Spider-man goes to Equestria for the first time. Hilarity Ensues
  • Inspired by the Fastball Special scene from "The Crystal Empire", Martial Bliss recounts how Shining Armor first learned the combat tactic of throwing one's wife at the enemy: from his drill instrutor Sergeant Thunderous, who Shiny by this point outranks about eight times.
    Thunderous: With disciplined use, the wife is the single most powerful weapon at pony disposal! A trained attacker comes at you armed with his wife, you better turn tail and run!
    Shining Armor: What if it's just his fillyfriend?
    Thunderous: Then you marry that mare, son. Thus disarming him!
    Peachy: It worked for us. Twenty-five years since he first stole me away from that low-life mugger I was with, and I haven't looked back.
  • Andrew Joshua Talon's Hands has many moments of humor in it, but this tropers favorite is his SI's reaction to New Fluttershy and getting kicked out of her house after she came back from Iron Will's Seminar. He immediatly heads to Twilight's house and the first thing he says upon Twilight opening the door: ""Fluttershy has been possessed and we need to save her immortal soul."
  • Imagine hearing the words "Even if you are a twisted, bondage-loving masochistic bisexual nymphomaniac, we still love you." Now imagine hearing Fluttershy be the one who says that like she did here. [1]
  • For some Original Flavour fantasy-slapstick, the story Study Break, in which Hilarity Ensues after Twilight unwittingly eats an enchanted apple from a tree in the Canterlot palace grounds, which causes random magical effects when she sneezes, always at the worst possible time.
  • In Twilight's Movie Night the Mane Six are watching a ponified version of A Nightmare On Elm Street. After the first murder scene, Fluttershy's reaction is not paralysing terror, as her friends expected, but indignation over the Special Effect Failure and Artistic Licence Biology:
    Fluttershy: A pony wouldn't just flop after being slashed like that! There would be at least some spasm or other reflex action! And the blood spray? Way too even, like someone was spraying it with a hose. It's like Starlight didn't even have a heartbeat, and the viscosity is just far too low for aortic blood. Has the director ever seen a severed aorta? And while I'm on the subject, how can I expect to take this seriously when there's no evidence of trauma to her vital organs with a cut that deep? Honestly, any pony with a basic understanding of pony anatomy could see how fake this is!
    • Hilarious in Hindsight: This fic was published entirely between seasons 2 and 3. It would be a few years before Starlight Glimmer would be introduced, and a while longer until some fans would get annoyed at the amount of focus on her
    • Also, Rarity's "threats" to Rainbow Dash. Like when Dash threatens to start the "chimicherrychanga" rant:
      Rarity: You finish that word, punk, and I will style your hair. I will make you beautiful! There will be curling irons involved. When I am done, I am going to wash that mane of yours, and condition it. It will be silky-smooth for weeks. Do I make myself clear?
    • Or when Dash tries to join Pinkie in mentioning Rarity's embarrassing moments by bringing up the Sonic Rainboom incident:
      Rarity: By Fancy's Pants, if you make a lame pun about me falling for you, head over hooves or otherwise, I will take you shoe shopping! And then I'll get you a nice, bright, fancy dress! With sequins. Are we clear?!
      Rainbow Dash (terrified): C-Crystal.
    • Before Fluttershy's rant, Twilight comments that Rarity apparently likes to write about Blueblood dying horribly; one particularly gruesome story involved a cider mug and a broom.
  • In chapter eight of My Little Mommies, Pinkie Pie is telling the Cakes about how a magic mirror created a baby by combining traits from her and Fluttershy. To Fluttershy's surprise, the Cakes pretty much accept this immediately and congratulate Pinkie.
    Fluttershy: Wait, that's it?
    Mr. Cake (chuckling nervously): Well... I learned long ago it's best not to question these things.
  • This fanfic is a crossover where Hades moves to ponyville. What could possibly go wrong?
  • What happens when Gordon Ramsay visits Equestria? Well, you get This fanfic.
  • What does Pinkie Pie leave behind for Twilight and Blueblood at the end of Royal Courtin' found here? A condom
    • And it turns out to be broken
  • This fic about Shining learning a surprising fact about his wife. How her name is actually spelled. Bonus points for what it does with the premise.
  • This fic features Fluttershy competing in the World Quiet Game Championships. Not only are said Championships played as Serious Business to the point thousands of fans are in attendance and Princess Celestia is the judge (much to Twilight and Rarity's shock), Fluttershy's opponents are Nightmare Moon (actually Luna in disguise to try and throw off her competition), Shy Sparrow (a dead unicorn skeleton who's Last Request was for his corpse to compete), and Angel. Rarity also enters the amateur competition and loses in a couple seconds.
  • Awakening Fluttershy's Dark Sky, the fourth fanfic in a series of black comedy stories that began as a parody of Cupcakes, starts out with the kind of plotting and pacing you would see in a drama story. But as the story goes on, things get goofier AND crazier...
  • Don't let the fanfic Mommy Nearest fool you with how sad it starts. Yes, it's about Rainbow Dash having a horrible accident and having brain damage, but it ends on the hilarious note of Rainbow Dash being revealed as Princess Celestia's illegitimate daughter, specifically with an earth pony. And I am going to warn you right now, if you've ruined that hilarious twist, there's one more so hilarious that I dare not put it in spoilers, it's so ridiculous.
  • Hail to the King is just wall to wall hilarity, as a recently deceased human's soul gets diverted to inhabit the body of the recently defeated King Sombra. Everypony assumes that Sombra is still crazy, but instead of just Ax-Crazy, they think he's out of his mind.. And he isn't helping his case, particularly when trying to explain what he really is.
    Shining Armor: Then how come I've never met one? We should be drowning in a sea of humans by now.
    Cadence: Because we're just figments of his imagination, remember? So that's where his mind is right now. He's a hyper-evolved, futuristic, thunder-monkey.
  • In Crisis Of Infinite Twilights, the heroes are discussing what to do about the evil alternate Twilights threatening to take over Equestria. Shining Armor suggests that the Royal Guard will help. Several moments of silence immediately follow.
    Spike: Wow, even the crickets are so amazed by the stupidity of that statement they couldn't make a sound.
  • In Tails, Sweetie Belle and the other CMC experiment with her magic by removing their sisters' tails and switching them around, intending to switch them back before they wake up. The bad news is, they get caught. The good news? It gets Sweetie Belle her cutie mark!
  • In Daleks Have No Concept Of Friendship, a dying Dalek, having found itself on Equestria by Celestia herself, is transformed into a pony. But just because it's a pony, doesn't mean it's not a Dalek...
    Soldier (The transformed Dalek): Daleks do not believe in magic!
    Celestia: Every time somepony says they don’t believe in magic, somewhere, a flutter pony dies.
    Soldier: There is a species on this planet that can be exterminated if one vocalizes disbelief in magic?
    Celestia: Yes?
    Soldier: Daleks do not believe in magic. Daleks do not believe in magic. Daleks do not believe in magic. Daleks –
    Celestia: Stop that. You need help. And I was joking again – there’s no such thing as flutter ponies.
    Soldier: Perhaps they were exterminated.
  • In The King Is Dead, Long Live The Emperor, the author gives an explanation of how time travel and alternate universes work, and at one point gives an example of several possible ways King Sombra could have been stopped. One of those ways involved being banished to the realm of shadows by a wise-cracking mule armed with a magic kazoo. Cue several requests from the fandom asking for the full story. The author's response? Essentially, that the world was not ready, and that if he ever posted it, the internet would explode. Twice.
    • In the same chapter, he explains how alternate universes exist, and I quote, because scientists and wizards everywhere will not stop poking the fabric of reality with the equivalent of a sharp stick, just to see what happens. And that, due to being unable to tell the difference between a disintegration spell and a one-way time travel spell, some alternate universes exist only because somepony was too lazy to take out the trash.
    • There's also It is said that love conquers all. This is quite true: The magical energy of love is capable of ignoring all manner of factors, including time and space. Love laughs at mere distance, and farts in the general direction of such a meager concept as years, or even decades. That is simply how love rolls... and if you try to question it, love will mare-slap you for talking back to it.
  • Last Night, Pinkie Pie Exploded. The title says it all, folks.
  • There's really nothing I can say that will this NOT seem worse than what it is, but I assure you, it's really Not What It Sounds Like: the Fan Fiction.
  • Twilight finds herself in a shiny, sticky situation.
  • “Just read me the damn book.”
  • See what happens when Twilight Sparkle Tries Napping in a Tree.
  • An artifact gives everyone a lie counter. Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie use it in a drinking game. And Fluttershy's counter has a decimal portion. After incrementing by less than 1 throughout the exchange, it goes up by 1.3 at some point. One-point-three.
  • Several parts of A Night (to Try) to Remember, such as Rarity getting a boost from Pinkie, Rainbow Dash greeting some ponies the next day, and Lucky's answer to Applejack's question.
  • The series starting with At the Mall. In each story in the series, Rarity takes a different member of the Mane Six to the mall. What happens when Pinkie goes is nothing compared to what happens when Fluttershy goes. Or Twilight.
  • Stealing the Deed has Twilight and Spike coming home to find Trixie raiding the fridge after smashing the (unlocked) front door, and dances between Trixie using darkly humorous Insane Troll Logic to prove that she now owns Twilight's home, to her both confirming and very badly denying a Yandere streak for Twilight. At one point, after arguing with a magistrate, Trixie finds herself in jail, and Twilight offers to get her out, if only to save the sanity of anyone having to listen to her at trial. Only for Trixie's yandereness to flare up once again and cause Twilight to wonder if Rarity needs any help crying in the shower.
  • As its a Crack Fic, funny moments in Chrysalis Kidnaps Rainbow Dash For 10 Minutes are only to be expected. Even so, several of them deserve their place here:
    Celestia considered going after Twilight and trying to explain that a Class 5 magical detonation was not going to solve her problems, but considering that it was Chrysalis on the receiving end, she decided that it would be much more entertaining for her to simply sit back and enjoy the show.
    • Also this:
    As Chrysalis turned into nothing more than a black speck above the clouds, Twilight realized she had forgotten to account for variations in the gravitational field of Equus in her orbital mechanics, and that Chrysalis would likely miss the moon by several miles.

    Oh well, that wasn't important.
    • And, in the wrap-up:
    Celestia: And furthermore, giant explosions are not how you solve problems.

    It had been a good few thousand years since Celestia had taken up the throne. She had been required to speak that line to a disconcerting number of her students. Her students, being exceptionally smart unicorns, often came up with memorable objections to not using large explosions to solve problems, including "but isn't the sun basically a giant perpetual explosion?" and "but explosions are more fun!" This, sadly, did nothing to prepare her for Twilight's answer.

    Twilight Sparkle: That's not true! The inverse explosion law states that, as the size of an explosion increases, the number of problems it is incapable of solving quickly approaches zero!

    • The best part about this line was that it was inspired by a comment someone had made on the story. The author liked it so much he incorporated into the epilogue.
  • From Cafeteria Control, an 'Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks' fanfic:
    Adagio Dazzle: Why, Sunset! I’m hurt! And after we hit it off so well yesterday.
    Sunset Shimmer: Right, sorry. Just having a bad day here… and it’s barely started even. I guess I shouldn’t take it out on you and—
    Sonata Dusk: Hit it off? I thought you said we might have to do something about that 'stupid preppy Shimmer girl' if we ever want our plans to succeed!
    Adagio: *facepalm*
    Sonata: And the after that pink-haired girl made a song about wearing pink, you said we definitely had to do something about her and her friends!
    Adagio: UGH! Why do we even let you outside?!?
    Sonata: Because you have no choice now that I figured out how locks work?
  • Twilight's Bathroom is Flooded with Semen, (Warning: slightly NSFW) follows the aftermath of a growing Spike, who is feeling some odd sensations in his body. Twilight, well aware of this, decides to do him a...favor, because he can't do anything about these sensations himself (claws, y'know?), and it goes as well as you'd expect, which is where our story begins. The title says it all. Twilight's bathroom is now flooded with semen. Lots of it. Hilarity Ensues. Twilight, after a couple thoughts on the matter, finally decides on where to send the...semen. More Hilarity Ensues. Now with 3 sequels.
  • Partway through Quantum Castaways, Twilight and Marshall escape an Anti-Magic predator by convincing a herd of non-sapient avian herbivores that they're babies of the species. The predator stays close enough to keep the birds nervous, stopping Twilight and Marshall from sneaking away. Marshall expresses worry that the herbivores will try to feed them, to which Twilight retorts that they used a distress whistle, and makes the hungry noise to educate Marshall about the difference. She has just enough time to realize her mistake before the nearest herbivore vomits up a meal for her.
    Marshall: What's that symbol there? The one that kinda looks like a monkey humping a coconut?
    Twilight: *Death Glare* That is the ancient unicorn glyph for Aba, which modern thaumaturgical studies recognizes as the symbol for the coefficient of thaumic fluctuation, and it does not look like...that.
    Marshall: The fact that you knew exactly what symbol I was referrin' to says a lot about what it looks like, Twi.
    Twilight: You were pointing at it!
    Marshall: I was pointing generally in the direction of the board, and you weren't even looking at me when I did it. C'mon, look at it, see the little feet—
    Twilight: MARSHALL! I-, WH-, YOOOOUUU! I CAN'T UNSEE IT! YOU...BU—ALL OF MY HATE! *Marshall runs, Twilight chases him* GET BACK HERE, YOU, YOU, MATH DEFILER!
  • Twilight Sparkle convenes The First Council of Friendship. The first thing they do after roll call? Get rid of roll call. It passes six to one.
  • In As Celestia Is My Witness, When ponies swear by a princess, said princess is treated to a third-person rendition of the oath. The problem? Ponies seem to be extremely quick to make such oaths (as well as break them). To wit (the last one could be an input test):
    (So help him Celestia, Sheriff Silverstar is going to clean up this town!)
    (By herself, Luna thinks it works!)
  • Why I Wear This Jacket is a Deconstructive Parody of the fanon of Sunset Shimmer being a badass Action Girl who could kick anyones asses in a fight since she wears a leather jacket.
    Sunset: Come on, it’s just a leather jacket. There doesn’t need to be some hidden story behind what I wear. It’s like trying to find some special meaning in why Dash always wears plaid. There just isn’t one."

    Rainbow Dash looked away and coughed into the sleeve of Spitfire’s plaid shirt.
  • Moondancer looks me over, turns around and slams 68% of a door in our faces.

  • Witness the birth of MagNEIGHto. WELCOME TO MEME! (And then this happened.)
  • Past Sins has an in-progress MST of the original edit of the story, which can be found here. While it's only gotten the prologue and the first three chapters finished, with Chapters 4 to 7 currently being worked on, it's shaping up to be hilarious.
    • Several Running Gags and Brick Jokes have already shown up:
      • Spell Nexus' fashion sense, particularly his love of hoof polish.
      • Spell Nexus' real name is Epic Failure.
      • Stonewall is routinely blamed for forgetting something.
      • Luna's obsession with her abacus.
      • The Common Kinks of Equestria, including bondage and holding breaths.
      • Anytime there's a FLASH, the riffers start singing lyrics from Queen's Flash Gordon theme.
      • The overuse of the color turquoise.
      • The constant, grating comparisons to Nightmare Moon.
      • Ponies are either suffering from Skewed Priorities Syndrome or Common Sense Syndrome.
      • Rarity really likes Nyx's material for her next dress.
      • Anything involving Twilight, magic, and other ponies has something to do with cacti.
      • Any respectable library includes the works of Horizontal Surface.
      • Nyx really does have ticks.
      • The responses to the Questions, Comments, Concerns? lines.
      • Numerous attempts to end the story prematurely.
      • The constant mocking of the written sound effects.
      • Spell Nexus' drinking problem.
  • The entirety of the response to the tweet from writer Jim Miller, who announced that Season Two will feature ponies. While that is hilarious on its own, the Equestria Daily comments section on the subject really sells it.
  • DEATH BATTLE: Rainbow Dash vs. G1 Starscream Also doubles as an Awesome Moment, as, in breaking with Death Battle's tradition of close matches, Starscream is subjected to a start-to-finish Curb-Stomp Battle by Dashie, culminating in her eating his spark.
    • During the run-down of the two characters, Starscream's appearance in the execrable Kiss Players manga is mentioned, where he possessed a cybernetic schoolgirl while she was in the bathroom, then forgot to pull her underwear up.
    Boomstick: Props to you, Japan. I did not see that one coming.
    • Special mention to Boomstick slowly being bought over to Rainbow Dash's side.
    Boomstick: This is a pony. A baby horse girl toy. Why is it so awesome!?
  • Sonic VS Rainbow Dash. Especially the ending! Doubles as Crowing Moment of Awesome, though YMMV.
  • Toothpaste Canon Infomercial. Enough said.
  • This interpretation of how the season 2 finale could have gone.
  • Bronies React is full of them, but one good one is in the first episode, where they're reacting to the Teens React to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode. In the episode the bronies are reacting to, one of the teens is asked why they think they're being shown this, and responds with "Maybe you think I'm on the other side of the street, and I'm not?" Cue Flat "What." stares and gestures from each of the bronies. Even Solrac / Yaplap is left speechless.
  • Epic Pie Time. Listening to Pinkie Pie swear is just hilarious.
  • Youtube MLP Reviewer DigiBronyYT did an analysis video in regards to why we don't see too many male ponies in the show, ending with a comment that we'd see more of them if
    the Mane Six were comprised of Big McIntosh, Shining Armor, Fancypants, Pony Joe, Braeburn, and Snowflake. Holy shit, I would watch that!
  • My Star Bur-ests are FABULOUS.
  • Canterlot Wedding according to Luna.
  • The creators of Epic Pie Time and Epic Wubz Time give us Derpy going on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge, with Grey DeLisle (yes, that Grey DeLisle) as Derpy.
    Celestia: Mother of Me.
  • I'm magic, Twilight powers activate.
  • Hello, my name is Iheartmyveryownface.
  • Never thought I'd see the day where an assassination would only require a juicer.
  • Diamond Tiara needs photos, photos of Spider-Man!
  • Bar Buddies. ALL OF IT!
  • Military Bronies React to Teens React To My Little Pony. The sheer levels of glorious snark in that video is a thing of beauty.
    • Some examples:
    Teen: Get a life! I mean, come on!
    Joshscorcher: ... said the teenager to the Marine.

    Teen (different one): These guys probably have way too much time on their hands.
    Joshscorcher: (laughs hysterically until he's out of breath) *beat* You're serious.

    Teen: Maybe you think I'm on the other side of the street, and I'm not?
    Joshscorcher: Ya know, you can actually say the words 'homosexual' or 'gay'. It's not going to make you burst into flames.

    Teen (yet another one, with a ridiculous hairdo): If you're a guy and you watch My Little Pony, you technically shouldn't be allowed to be called a man.
    KingHarald: When your head looks like a Justin Bieber ad, you don't get to say who is and who isn't a man.

    Teen (same one as above): You stop being bronies, or I'm going to whack you with your silly little ponies.
    BlackGryph0n:note  Oh, that was so clever. I am so intimidated by that guy. Did you see his arms? They're like fingers.
    Joshscorcher: (riffing on the other guy's voice) You'd better believe what I believe or else I will hurt you! (stops) This guy is nineteen! An adult! *beat* He's not being a very good role model.

  • And the FOB Equestria crew also did Military Bronies React To 'Wonderbolts Academy', the specifically military-themed episode of the show.
    • Replete with general hilarity:
    Pinkie Pie: note  ... and it will be all. my. FAULT!
    Joshscorcher: You know, that's kinda how my mom was when I was at boot camp.

    Spitfire: Why don't you two go hit the mess hall early?
    • And actual insightful commentary from their own experiences... complete with deadpan snark:
    (Lightning Dust gets her insignia ripped off)
    Joshscorcher: Now, a lot of people seem to have complained that that punishment was too excessive. Well, in real life that would have been getting off easy. I mean... due to your own recklessness, you endangered your life and the lives of the people around you? (A caption pops up on the screen saying "PEOPLE HAVE BEEN SENT TO THE BRIG FOR LESS"). Yeah, she got off easy just being kicked out.
    (on-screen, Spitfire is taking Lightning Dust's badge and slapping it onto Rainbow Dash's chest — pin first)
    BlackGryph0n: ... am I the only one who thought that looked really painful?

    BlackGryph0n: Obviously it wasn't nearly as tense as actual military training, but they couldn't really do that in a children's show. *beat* In fact, they probably shouldn't do that in an adult show.

    Lightning Dust (in her intro scene, mouthing off to Spitfire): Try me, ma'am!
    (the camera does a brief cut to several of the commentators, showing them all staring at their screens in literal slack-jawed horror, with BlackGryph0n flatly noting that in a realistic boot camp Lightning Dust would be a dead mare walking)
    Jake: PRIVATE DUST! (puts his face two inches away from the camera) Let me ask you a question, Private, and be honest, because I'm a little confused here. What in the wide wide world of sweet FUCK makes you think YOU CAN MOUTH OFF TO YOUR COMMANDING OFFICER LIKE THAT?!? Do you want to die? THEN WHY DON'T YOU DO THE WORLD A FAVOR AND GO PRACTICE HOW TO SUCK-START YOUR M-16! *Beat* Are you eyeballing me, Private? YOU BETTER NOT BE! YOU ARE AT THE POSITION OF ATTENTION! YOUR HEAD AND EYES ARE STRAIGHT FORWARD, YOU POSTER CHILD FOR BACK-ALLEY ABORTIONS! YOU- *incoherent noises* Private, you have exactly five seconds to stop eyeball-fuckin' me, or so help me Celestia I'M GONNA RIP YOUR LUNA-DAMNED THROAT OUT AND MAKE SWEET SWEET LOVE TO THE HOLE!
    • By the time the video is finished, Jake has blasphemed in the name of every alicorn then extant in Equestria. Some of them repeatedly.
  • These classics. Not the picture itself, but near holy level of Flame Wars in the comment sections and how much hate they received; this may be the most successful act of Trolling in the history of history.
  • This animated gif gently spoofing the season 4 finale:
    Celestia: Oh my God, are you nerds really getting worked up about this? You guys need to learn how to relax. You know I've got a strat.
    Luna: Celestia, please. We need something stronger.
    Cadance: What are you talking about? What strat?
    Celestia: Luna, the 'Let Twilight Handle That Shit' technique is tried and tested.
    Cadance: Ooh! Yeah, that sounds great. Let's do that.
    Luna: That is not a viable long-term strategy!
    Celestia: Yeah, because doing what works every time is SO CRAZY. Seriously, let's just give her our magic or something. Game of Thrones is on.
    • Also this:
    Celestia: Oh yeah. You see, my strat's full name is the 'Let Twilight Handle That Shit And Totally Fuck With Her' technique. Four years ago, when Nightmare Moon was coming back, I told her she had to go live in a public library, as a joke. She's still there. She thinks it's awesome. Since then, fucking with Twilight has been a time-honored tradition.
    Cadance: I support this. I support this so hard. So, we give her all our magic, and then... ooh, I know! What if we tell her that she can't tell any of her friends? Ehhh, I guess that's kinda weak.
    Celestia: No no, I love it! That'll mess her up. Man, we don't hang out often enough. You're pretty cool.
    Luna: Oh for crying out loud! Why don't you just banish her to the moon if you like her so much? *storms out*
    Celestia: Man, are you still not over that?
  • Why Bronies Are the Worst Thing Ever. 2 minutes and 42 seconds of snark, rapid-fire humor, and tearing down both the Animation Age Ghetto and the Girl Show Ghetto.
  • CARTOON HORSE PROGRAM!!, a deliberately nonsensical recap of the cartoon made using Source Film Maker, a Hurricane of Puns, and the creator's twisted imagination.
  • The Pony Drama Generator: create your own Brony fandom drama!
  • Gmod: A Pony Companion, a skit-based Garry's Mod video with the Mane 6 (and Derpy) interacting with the Team in hilarious and nonsensical ways. Also has 3 sequel videos.
  • Ever wondered what would happen if My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic aired on Toonami?
  • Sunset Shimmer meets some bronies. Bad puns ensue.
  • Everypony Plays Sports Games
  • Behold, the comedic work of art that is What I learned today, MrPoniator's rapid-fire summary of every (well, almost every) Season 1-2 episode.
    The Ticket Master: "Share your blessings!" (Twilight tears the ticket in half in front of Applejack and RD)
    Griffon the Brush-off: "Griffons are jerks!"
    Swarm of the Century: "Maybe explain what you wanted to do in the first place, you retarded pink horse!"
    Over a Barrel: "PIES ARE AWESOME!"
    The Best Night Ever: "SHIT BLOWS THE FUCK UP!"
    Lesson Zero: "Why does Twilight know a mind rape spell anyway?"
    The Cutie Pox: "Don't drink the bottles under the sink!" (Apple Bloom drinks one of Zecora's potions and turns into a chicken)
    May the Best Pet Win!: "It's spelled TORTOISE!" (Fluttershy throws Tank at Rainbow Dash's head for writing "TUЯTLE" on a blackboard)
    Baby Cakes: "Toddlers are the DEVIL!"
    Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000: "Fuck this, we're getting shitfaced."
    Hearts and Hooves Day: "Shippers destroy lives." (shows Cheerilee and Big Mac in a sinking newspaper boat)
    A Canterlot Wedding: "BUY OUR TOYS!"
    Apple Family Reunion: "Work. If you feel sadness, WORK MORE."
    Spike at Your Service: "DO NOT OFFER YOURSELF AS A SLAVE."
    Just for Sidekicks: "LIE. Lie until you cannot lie ANYMORE. Everything will work out in the end."
    Games Ponies Play: "Be kind to everyone. Not just the ones who can get you something in return. Jerk!"
    Magical Mystery Cure: "True friends will help you remember who y—NO! SCRATCH THAT! BUY OUR TOYS!"
    Equestria Girls: "BUY OUR TOYS REVELATIONS!" (Celestia kicks Twilight through the mirror and she comes out on the other side as a plastic doll with a paper drawing of Twilight's face on it, with Spike as a recolored doge and a sign that says, "Welcome to, Canterlot High" in the background)
    Castle Mane-ia: "Castles are spooky!"
    Daring Don't: "Stalk your idols!"
    Pinkie Apple Pie: "Family road trips are HELL."
    Pinkie Pride: "Your friends can be happy for reasons that have nothing to do with you. Work on those abandonment issues, girl!" (cut to real-life shot of a Pinkie Pie toy lying on its side in the shower)
    Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3: "Our educational system's completely FUCKED. Thanks, Celestia!"
    Twilight's Kingdom: "BUY OUR TOYS VERSUS PREDATOR!"
    The Cutie Map: "Don't get sucked into a creepy cult colony!"
    Castle Sweet Castle: "Too many cooks may spoil the broth and putting manure on it is NOT GONNA FIX IT!"
    Tanks for the Memories: "Your goldfish didn't fall asleep, dear. HE'S DEAD." (Cue Fluttershy flushing Tank down the toilet)
    The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone: "Who needs gold when you got pastries? Oh hey, Gilda's back."
    The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows: "Sure, you can spoil the surprise...if you're a terrible person!!" (shows Pinkie Pie in a straitjacket, sitting in a tree, sucking on a pacifier, hiding from Twilight)
    Hearthbreakers: "Traditions are dumb. Just order pizza for Christmas dinner."
  • Starlight Glimmer's Plan-B for "The Cutie Remark."
  • A Colt Classic, redone to appeal to YouTube's new "advertiser friendly" guidelines.
  • DWK's Totally Legit Recap Series. A perfect combination of hilarity, occasional heart, and raunchiness.